The breeding methods and precautions of Primula poissonii

Written by Maggie

Nov 21 2020

The breeding methods and precautions of Primula poissonii

In the process of breeding Primula poissonii, we should choose more breathable well drained and sandy soil, and we can appropriately add adequate nutritional peat soil mixing fully, applying fertilizer once a month in the growing season. After transplanting, we may increase thin fat or dormant in the winter. In spring and summer, often keep the soil moist, the plant will be moved to the half-shade damp environment.

Primula PoissonII picture

Primula PoissonII

The maintenance method of Primula PoissonII

1. Reasonable soil

Although primula poissonii has strong adaptability, it is more conducive to its growth and development if it grows in relatively breathable and loose sandy soil. It can be properly mixed with peat soil with sufficient nutrients, and the plants can sprinkle a layer of coarse sand about 1 ~ 2cm on the surface of the basin before entering the basin to promote the respiration of the root system.

2. Fertilization management

For newly cultivated engraftment of Primula poissonii, it is better to be on the pelvic floor to join the basal, mainly the rotted manure. Ensure nutrients it needs in the early stage, and it’s better not to use chemical fertilizers, otherwise it will cause root rot. Apply fertilizer once a month in the growing season, After transplanting, we may increase a thin fat or dormant during the winter.

3. Water and moisturize

Spring is the peak season for the growth of Primula Poissonii. Always keep the soil moist, but be careful not to water too much. Increase watering times when the air is dry.

Primula PoissonII

4. Trim and trim

In the case of good growth of Primula Poissonii, pruning and shaping should be carried out to ensure the plant shape is more beautiful. Pruning should be done earlier rather than later in the spring, mainly to cut off the old and weak diseased branches and useless branches. At the same time, the long and short branches should also be cut to promote the growth of new buds.

Notes for breeding Primula PoissonII

During the growth of Primula Poissonii, it is better to thoroughly disinfect the basin once a year and change the basin according to the growth of the plant. After changing the basin, choose a sand basin suitable for the size of the plant to ensure good air permeability and maintain a good ventilation environment at all times during the growth stage to reduce the harm of diseases and insects.

Primula PoissonII