The breeding methods and precautions of Nuphar pumilum (Hoffm.) DC

Written by Maggie

Nov 20 2020

The breeding methods and precautions of Nuphar pumilum (Hoffm.) DC

During the breeding process of Nuphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC, the temperature shall be controlled at about 15 ~ 32℃ during the growth period, and adequate light treatment shall be provided every day. In the summer heat, it shall be moved to the semi-shade area.

Nuphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC picture

Nuphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC

Nuphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC breeding method

1. Temperature control

Nuphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC is a temperature-loving plant, which is more favorable for its growth and development in sunny and warm conditions. It will stop growing when the temperature is below 12℃

2. Apply fertilizer rationally

Nuphar pumilum (Hoffm.) DC likes to grow in matrices that are rich in nutrients, mainly the rotten organic fertilizer. Fertilize the nuphar pumilum (Hoffm.) DC for the first time earlier this summer,  and fertilize it 3 ~ 4 times continuously, each time interval of 1 ~ 2 month. In early spring green period, we can alsoapply phosphate potash fertilizer, lasting 1 to 2 times.

3, suitable for water

Suitable moisture is Nuphar pumilum (Hoffm.) DC breeding methods and matters needing attention, one of the ping on the grass leaves bright fresh, so it is in the process of growth and development to keep hydrated, can make leaf color bright with vigor, watering 5 ~ 6 times a week or so, always keep the soil moist, ping on the grass in winter dormancy can be appropriate when water stop or reduce watering.

4. Disease prevention

The aphid is the most common pest disease for Nuphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC during the growing season. The paphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC has varied-sized holes and yellow spots on the leaves.

Nuphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC

Precautions for breeding Nuphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC

In addition to the soil conditions, Nuphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC should be planted in sunny days and avoided in cloudy and rainy days, otherwise the survival rate of the root system will be affected. The gap between each plant should be kept at about 15cm and the soil should be watered thoroughly in time.

Nuphar Pumilum (Hoffm.) DC