The breeding methods and precautions of Ceiba speciosa St.Hih

Written by Maggie

Nov 20 2020

The breeding methods and precautions of Ceiba speciosa St.Hih

In breeding Ceiba speciosa st. Hih, it’s better to choose loose permeability as cultivating soil, good water and nutrient rich soil. In peacetime maintenance time, don't put plants in the shade too long. Summer shade can be a short period of time, water to dry wet, keep the soil moist in spring and summer, every other month or so a rotten organic fertilizer rate.

Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih picture

Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih

Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih breeding method

1. Soil requirements

Ceiba speciosa st. Hih’s soil request is not high, but it is suitable to grow in the soil of loose and good drainage which is rich in nutrients. Potted plants can be used as pearlite, coal cinder, leaf as cultivated soil, soil and peat soil mixed soil, basin on foot basal, mainly finished compost solution, and fully mixing after pouring into the water.

2. Environmental requirements

Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih likes to grow in a sunny environment, but also has a certain shade tolerance. Do not put it in the dark for too long during the normal maintenance period, otherwise it is easy to fall leaves. When the temperature is higher than 35 ° C,  we will apply spraying cooling treatment. In winter, it should be put in the room to give long sunshine.

3. Water properly

Water environment is one of the breeding methods and precautions of Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih. Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih has a certain drought resistance. During spring and summer, water should be poured to keep the basin soil in a moist state.

4. Fertilize regularly

The fertilization of Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih mainly depends on the soil fertility. If the soil fertility is sufficient, in the peak growth season, apply organic or compound fertilizers that are mature every one month or so. In the case of insufficient soil fertility, it is best to apply thin fertilizers frequently, which should be applied every 20 days.

Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih

Notes for breeding Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih

During the growth period, Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih is easy to be damaged by scarab and starworm, stem rot and other diseases. Generally, there are more in the case of high temperature and humidity. It is better to cut the diseased plants at the initial stage of the disease to strengthen the air fluidity and spray prevention with an appropriate amount of acaroid or carbapenem solution.

Ceiba Speciosa St.Hih