Suitable places for planting Cyclamen persicum Mill

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

Suitable places for planting Cyclamen persicum Mill

Cyclamen Persicum Mill is suitable for indoor living room, balcony or study, for people to watch, but also can purify the air. Plants absorb oxygen at night and are not suitable for living in the bedroom. Cyclamen Persicum Mill is suitable for outdoor cultivation. Outdoor temperature, light and ventilation conditions are suitable for plant growth. Plants raised indoors need to be regularly moved outside to receive additional light.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill

Put  Cyclamen Persicum Mill in the living room

The Cyclamen Persicum Mill plant is beautiful in shape, with colorful flowers and high ornamental value. The flowers also symbolize welcoming guests, so it is suitable to be placed near the living room window or on the balcony or other places with good light. Put Cyclamen Persicum Mill in your living room. The bright colors will decorate the house. The plants will also absorb carbon dioxide, which will beautify the environment.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill is suitable for study

Cyclamen Persicum Mill is also suitable for the study and other positions, bright colors, floral elegant, green leaves, can alleviate visual fatigue, improve vision, protect eye health. Put them in your study. The plants can produce oxygen as well as purify the air. However, in order not to affect the normal flowering and growth of the plant, it is necessary to regularly move to the outside to supplement the light.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill

Do not put Cyclamen Persicum Mill in bedroom

After artificial cultivation of Cyclamen Persicum Mill, the varieties are relatively rich, some varieties of floral are quietly elegant, some varieties of floral rich. Cyclamen Persicum Mill is not suitable for the bedroom and the environment is not suitable for plant growth. The bedroom offers a person to rest, plant can absorb oxygen at night. If floral is relatively rich, it still can affect people to rest, reduce people's morphoquality.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill outdoor cultivation

Cyclamen Persicum Mill is suitable for outdoor cultivation, but also can be placed indoors in a well-lit and well-ventilated location. Cyclamen Persicum Mill root blocks contain toxins that do not affect human health as long as they are not ingested by mistake, and root blocks are in the soil. Keep Cyclamen Persicum Mill indoors, and if you have elderly or young children in your home, keep it high.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill