Propagation methods of Water jasmine

Written by Maggie

Jan 13 2021

Propagation methods of Water jasmine

Water jasmine common propagation methods mainly include such as sowing, cutting, division and layering method. The following are details of these four propagation methods of Water jasmine.

Water jasmine

Sowing propagation method of Water jasmine

When applying the sowing propagation method of Water jasmine, the selected seeds will be soaked in water for several hours to promote the germination of seeds. In the spring, the seeds will be spread in the nutrient soil, covered with a layer of sand and stirred. After pouring in water, the seeds will often be kept moist, and the temperature will be controlled at about 15℃.

Cutting propagation method of Water jasmine

When cutting Water jasmine, we need to choose the vigorous growth, shearing length can be between 8 to 15 cm, will be at the bottom of the blade, trimming cuttings in the preparation of soil humus soil. The cutting depth can be about 3 cm. After water keeps soil moist, placed in the environment of the backlight maintenance, just a month can take root. The following are steps of Water jasmine cutting propagation method. 

1. Select branches

The cutting time of Water jasmine is usually in low November. The cutting length can be between 8 and 15 cm when the branches with vigorous growth and lignification are selected. The leaves at the bottom can be removed and the leaves at the top can be retained.

2. Matrix preparation

Water Jasmine cutting also needs to prepare loose and arable soil. Humus, vermiculite and peat can be mixed and prepared according to the ratio of 5:2:1. Some basic fertilizer can be added to supplement the soil nutrients.

Water jasmine

3. Cutting process

The treated Water Jasmine cuttings can be cut into the soil, and the depth of the cuttings can be kept between 3 to 5 cm. It should not be cut too deep, otherwise it will affect the growth of the root system. After that, Water can be watered to keep it moist, placed in a dark environment, and the temperature environment can be maintained at about 20℃.

4. Post-management

After taking root, light time should be gradually increased. Water jasmine is a light-loving plant, so it is appropriate to increase the light time to promote plant growth. After that, it can be moved into the pot for conservation.

Division propagation method of Water jasmine 

Planting is the basic requirement for division propagation of Water Jasmine, which can be carried out at the time of potting at the end of spring. After the root system is lightly removed from the potted soil, the roots that germinate around the root system are planted and transplanted. After planting, a layer of sand soil is covered with a small amount of plant ash and coal cinder, and Water is poured into the plant.

4. Layering propagation method of Water jasmine 

Layering is also one of the commonly used propagation methods of Water Jasmine. In the growing season, shoots 20 cm close to the ground can be used as cultivation materials, and the top of the shoot can be cut into a smooth oblique shape. The surrounding bark should be stripped off and pressed into the soil.

Water jasmine