How to grow Water jasmine

Written by Maggie

Jan 13 2021

How to grow Water jasmine

Water jasmine is a kind of shrub flowers, flowering in July, its main flexible and strong, the most suitable for bonsai production of a class of plants. It can be grown in the soil and can also be in the water. Today. we'll talk about growing Water jasmine in the soil and hydroponics method of Water Jasmine.

Water jasmine

Growing Water jasmine in the soil

During the overwintering period, Water jasmine should be kept at an ambient temperature of 3℃ ~ 5℃. A temperature lower than 0°C will lead to frostbite of plants, while a temperature higher than 16°C will lead to early germination of plants. Watering to follow the principle of not watering, watering thoroughly, before spring flowering to topdressing a nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer, 9 ~ October to top dressing a thin phosphate fertilizer. We also need to maintain sufficient light. The following are growing method of Water jasmine in the soil.

1. The temperature  

Water jasmine flowers should first be bred at an appropriate temperature. The cold tolerance of Water jasmine flowers is weak. During the wintering period, an ambient temperature of 3℃ ~ 5℃ needs to be maintained. However, the most suitable temperature for the growth of Water Jasmine peanuts is 14℃ ~ 16℃.

2. Reasonable fertilizer and water

Water jasmine flowers should follow the principle of "not watering, watering thoroughly", and should not be watered too much at a time, otherwise it is easy to cause root erosion of Water jasmine flowers. Fertilization can be done by topdressing Water Jasmine flowers with nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer once before flowering in spring, which can avoid dropping buds at the flowering stage of Water Jasmine. A topdressing of thin phosphorus fertilizer is needed from September to October, which can promote Water jasmine flower buds.

3. Adequate light

Water jasmine flowers like a warm environment. Usually, Water jasmine flowers need to be conserved in a place with sufficient light, which will be more conducive to the growth and development of Water jasmine flowers. However, when the high temperature and strong light in summer, it is necessary to move the Water jasmine flowers to a semi-shade environment or indoor maintenance, otherwise it may cause the burning of the Water jasmine flower plants.

When growing Water jasmine flowers, it should be noted that the growth of Water jasmine flowers has certain requirements on the soil, and the pH value of the soil should be between 5 and 6.5. If the soil is more acidic or alkaline, the growth of Water jasmine will be affected. In addition, the basin soil needs to be replaced every 1 ~ 2 years, which can prevent the phenomenon of soil hardening.

Water jasmine

Hydroponics growing method of Water Jasmine

The hydroponics method of Water Jasmine is very simple. You only need to select a branch that is 5-10 cm in good growth and free from diseases and insect pests, with certain leaf buds on the branch, and then prepare a bottle of about two-thirds of clearWater to insert the branch into the bottle. You can add some growth fluid in the Water to promote its rooting. The following are steps of the hydroponics method of Water Jasmine.

Water jasmine hydroponic method is relatively simple. First, select a branch that is growing well and not damaged by diseases and insects. The branch is about 5-10 centimeters long, and the branch should have a little leaf bud, which can promote its rooting and increase the probability of success in hydroponic culture.

Then prepare a water bottle, about two-thirds of the water in the water bottle, and then insert the selected good branches into the water, not about a third of the flower branches, and it can be appropriate to add some growth fluid in the water, adhere to about three days to change the water once, maintain the basic clarity of the water. It will be placed in a cool and ventilated place.

Rooting can be done within a week when the temperature is controlled at about 25 degrees, and it will take about half a month in cold weather to take root. After taking root, it cannot continue to soak in Water, so it should be converted to soil as soon as possible. After taking root, the success rate of hydroponics to soil planting is 100%.

Water jasmine is a kind of plant that is very easy to sustain. After being converted to soil cultivation, it will be planted in loose soil with certain fertility and watered thoroughly, so that it will grow up quickly. In the later stage, maintenance is relatively simple.

Water jasmine