Propagation methods of Spiny spider flowers

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

Propagation methods of Spiny spider flowers

Spiny Spider Flower (Cleome hassleriana) is a very popular landscape flower, suitable for yard and flower beds, some people grow it on the roadside, and it is suitable for the decoration of mirrors. Propagating Spiny spider flowers mainly include sowing and cutting. The following are these two propagation methods of Spiny spider flowers.

Spiny spider flowers

Sowing propagation method of Spiny spider flowers

When propagating spiny spider flowers by sowing, the best way to disinfect the substrate used for sowing is to put it in a wok and heat it up, which will kill any insects and diseases. Soak the seeds in warm water at 25 to 30 degrees Celsius for 3 to 10 hours, until the seeds absorb water and swell. For by hand or other tools hard to clamp the tiny seeds, we can put the toothpick wet with water, at the end of the stick a grain by a grain of the seeds on the surface of the substrate, the substrate 1 cm thick, then the planting flower pot into the water, the depth of the water for the flower pot 1/2 - two-thirds of the height, make the water soak up slowly (the method known as "basin leaching method").

For larger seeds that can be held by hand or with other tools, place the seeds directly into the substrate and seed them at 3 x 3 cm intervals. After sowing, the substrate was covered with a thickness 2-3 times that of seed grains. After sowing available sprayer, fine pore sprinkle sowing matrix quality wet, when the basin soil is slightly dry and then drenched. We should pay attention to the strength of watering can not be too big, so as not to flush up the seeds;

After planting seedlings unearthed, it is necessary to uncover the film in time, and every day before 9:30 in the morning, or after 3:30 in the afternoon to let the seedlings receive the sunlight, otherwise seedlings will grow very weak; After most of the seeds have come out, it is necessary to thin the seedlings properly: diseased, unhealthy seedlings are pulled out, so that the remaining seedlings have a certain space between each other; When most seedlings have three or more leaves, you can pot them.

Spiny spider flowers

Cutting propagation method of Spiny spider flowers


The nutrient soil that uses cuttage namely or the material such as soil of river sand, mud carbon. Family cuttings limited to conditions is difficult to get the ideal cuttings substrate. It is recommended to use prepared and disinfected cuttings substrate; Medium-coarse river sand is fine, but rinse with clean water several times before use. Do not use sea sand and saline areas of river sand, which are not suitable for the growth of flowers and plants. The branches used for cuttings are called cuttings. Usually combined with heart work, pick down the sturdy, no pests and diseases of the top as cuttings, directly with the top cuttings.

Take root temperature

The optimal rooting temperature of cuttings was between 18℃ and 25℃, lower than 18℃, cuttings rooting was difficult and slow. If the temperature is higher than 25℃, cuttings are susceptible to pathogen infection and rot, and the higher the temperature is, the greater the proportion of rot. Cutting after low temperature, insulation measures are mainly used to use the film to cuttage pot or container wrapped up; Cuttings after the temperature is too high, cooling measures are mainly to shade cuttings, to cover 50-80% of the sun. At the same time, spray cuttings, 3-5 times a day. The number of sunny day high spray temperatures is more, rainy day temperature lower temperature is larger, the number of spray is less or not spray.

Keep the humidity

The relative humidity of the air must be maintained at 75-85% after cuttings. You can spray cuttings to increase the humidity, 1-3 times a day, the higher the temperature on sunny days, the more times the spray, the lower the temperature on cloudy and rainy days, the fewer or no spray. But if sprayed too much, the cuttings are susceptible to disease and rot, because many kinds of bacteria are present in water.

Cutting propagation of Spiny spider flowers cannot be separated from sunlight irradiation, but the stronger the illumination, the higher the temperature inside the cuttings, the more vigorous the transpiration of the cuttings, the more water consumed, which is not conducive to the survival of the cuttings. Therefore, after cutting, you must block 50-80% of the sun, to root , grow out, and then gradually remove the shading net: sunny day at 4:00 PM in addition to the shading net, the next day before 9:00 am covered with the shading net.

Spiny spider flowers