Propagation methods of Spanish Jasmine

Written by Maggie

Jan 09 2021

Propagation methods of Spanish Jasmine

In terms of how to propagate Spanish Jasmine, in fact, it can be propagated into three methods: sowing propagation, cuttage propagation and division propagation. As long as we operate properly and the process is careful, the survival rate of the three methods is very high. There are three propagation methods of Spanish Jasmine in the following details.

Spanish Jasmine

Sowing propagation method of Spanish Jasmine

Seed harvest: The fruit of spanish jasmine is not much, only a seed, and fruit inside each its fruit is mature when lunar, ripe fruit black, was harvested. Ater picking out the flesh outside, remove the seeds in a dry place to dry storage, sowing can wait until the next spring.

Propagtion method: In the Spanish jasmine propagation method, sowing propagation is one of the more commonly used methods. First of all, we need to put a proper amount of base fertilizer into the soil and then spread the seeds over the soil, then put the seeds in the soil surface, 1-2 cm above the soil after seeding can be watering. Watering pot immersion method is best used, because Spanish jasmine seeds are small. If we water directly from the seeds, it will be washed away.

Cutting propagation method of Spanish Jasmine

Selection of cuttings: Before we propagate Spanish Jasmine by cutting, cuttings should be selected first. Generally, it is best to choose the branches that grow more robust as cuttings, so that the survival rate will be higher. If the branches that look very slender are selected, it is basically difficult to survive. After selecting the cuttings, we should also prune the leaves at the bottom and keep the upper 2-3 leaves for cuttings.

Spanish Jasmine

Cutting method: We can choose cutting in the spring. Spring is the season of recovery of all things, the climate is not called moderate, and cutting in spring, the survival rate is still very high. Before cutting, first of all, we have to use chopsticks to insert a cuttings in the soil of the thickness of the hole, and then inserted in the cuttings pouring water, so that the operation can avoid cuttings in the insertion of damage, is very practical.

Division propagation of Spanish Jasmine

The division propagation of Spanish Jasmine can be carried out in combination with pot changing. During plant dividing, we can pull the densely grown mother plants out of the soil in the pot, and then cut them into several clumps and plant them separately in the pot, which is easy to survive. Generally, a complete pot of leaf-viewing flowers is produced after pot planting.

Conclusion: Reading the above content, I believe you have learned the propagation methods of Spanish Jasmine, hoping to be helpful for you.

Spanish Jasmine