Propagation methods of Snowdrop

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

Propagation methods of Snowdrop

Snowdrop, also known as Galanthus, look like teardrops, and its color is white, which is of unique ornamental value. Snowdrop is a bulbous root plant, so it is generally propagated by bulbous propagation, which has a high survival rate. If properly maintained, it can blossom in about 50 days, and then propagate by bulbous propagation after 3 to 4 years. Then let's look at details of Snowdrop bulbous propagation method and Snowdrop care after propagating.


Snowdrop bulbous propagation method

1. Choose bulbous propagation time

Snowdrop is usually propagated by bulblets, and the best time to propagate Snowdrop by bulblets is from September to October, because Snowdrop's bulbs are in dormant period at this time. When the bulb damage to Snowdrop is minimal, and the climate conditions are more suitable for rooting.

2. Reasonable distribution of the ball

The underground part of Snowdrop contains bulbs, bulbs, tubers, etc. After growing for a certain number of years, many small balls will grow on these bulbs. Dig out Snowdrop's cue ball, remove the small ball from it, and then transplant it.

3. Plant pot plants

Prepare the appropriate pot soil, planting time is not too deep, the ball buried in about 5 centimeters deep place, and then watering moisture. If the temperature is not appropriate, it can also be covered with a layer of glass on the pot, or plastic film heat preservation and moisture.

4. Root maintenance

Put the potted plant in a cool and ventilated place for a period of time. If the climate is suitable, the small ball roots in the potted plant will soon grow new roots and shoots, until the leaves are fully unfurled, and then normal maintenance. It will soon be able to flower.


Snowdrop care after propagating

1. Transplant and bloom

If you propagate the Snowdrop in September or October, by November the pellets will have roots and leaves, and you can transplant them if necessary. First in the outdoor maintenance for a period of time, until the growth of new leaves and then moved to indoor maintenance, to be placed in the indoor sunny place. If the climate is suitable, it can bloom generally in 50 days.

2. Apply sufficient base fertilizer

During bulb propagation of Snowdrop, it is best to put a layer of bone meal under the pot soil as the base fertilizer, which can promote the growth of Snowdrop seedlings. After that, fertilizer and water can be applied every half a month during the re-growth period, and the compound fertilizer of N, P and K is the main fertilizer.

3. Reasonable storage

When the bulb of Snowdrop is dug out, it may not be planted carefully immediately. In this case, it is necessary to preserve the bulb reasonably to avoid the death of the plant. The bulbs can be wrapped in moist sand that can be held together and stored at 15 ° C.

4. Share the ball again

After the Snowdrop is spelled-out, the new plants can be spelled-out again in 3 to 4 years with proper maintenance. With proper care and reproduction, a pot of snowdrops can be turned into a big blob.

Conclusion: After reading the above content, I believe you should know how to propagate Snowdrop. During Snowdrop propagation, you must pay attention to reasonable maintenance, so as to make Snowdrop grow faster and more.