Propagation methods of Pearl bush

Written by Maggie

Aug 31 2021

Propagation methods of Pearl bush

Pearl bush can be propagated by sowing. First we need to configure the soil, the seed into the soil. It is good to wait for the sprout. Branches can also be used for cutting propagation, inserting the branches in the soil. The following are details of 4 propagation methods of Pearl bush.

Pearl bush

Sowing propagation method of Pearl bush

Pearl bush seed first needs to soak with water, and then put it to dry in the shade, but also with leaf soil, peat soil mixed matrix. It also can add rural soil, coarse sand, organic fertilizer, and can make the seed germinate quickly. After the seed to the soil, place it in the shade, timely watering it, wait for seed germination. The following are steps of the sowing propagation method of Pearl bush.

1. Soak and accelerate bud

Pearl Bush seeds are mostly planted with seeds, which have a high survival rate. Generally, the seeds can be soaked in water and put in a cool place for half a day, then the seeds can be taken out and put in a dry place to dry. Sow the pearl bush seeds into pot soil and wait for them to take root and germinate.

2. Configuration basin soil

Generally speaking, after Pearl Bush seeds are treated, loose soil with good drainage is also required. A mixture of leaf rot soil and peat soil can be used as the substrate, but rural soil, coarse sand and organic fertilizer can be added to make the seeds quickly take root and germinate in the soil.

3. Seed planting

Pearl Bush is vulnerable to pests and diseases every time it is planted, so it is important to spray the soil immediately and plant the seeds in the soil. Do not compact the soil as this will make it difficult for the seeds to take root and germinate, and may prevent them from germinating, so be careful.

4. Management measures

Pearl Bush seeds should be stored in a cool place after they have been planted in a potted soil. The temperature should be controlled to about 18 ° C, and the potted soil should be watered so that the seeds can germinate. Fertilising the soil will prevent the seeds from germinating.

Pearl bush

Cutting propagation method of Pearl Bush

Pearl Bush can also be propagated by cutting. Cuttings with dormant branches as cuttings, early spring bud, cuttings selected last year's sturdy branches. Before cutting, ABT2 root powder was used, and then inserted into the cuttings. The insertion depth was 1/3 to 1/2 of the length of cuttings, and the row spacing of plants was 6×8 cm. After inserting, water thoroughly, cover with plastic film to moisturize and shade, and keep moist. In summer available cuttings are of high survival rate.

3. Layered propagation method of Pearl Bush

In fact, the Pearl Bush method can also be used for layering in early spring and late fall. The roots of the plants need to be cut first, then buried in the soil to keep the soil moist, and placed in an astigmatic environment until they take root, then separated and potted for conservation.

4. Grafting propagation method of Pearl Bush

When we apply grafting propagation method of Pearl Bush, first of all, you need to pick about 10cm of strong branches, and also to prepare the same family rootstock, the upper end of the rootstock cut a small mouth, and then insert the branches into the mouth, with plastic bags and other substances tied up, so as to make the rootstock, branch link. We need to check once a week whether the wound is healing.

Pearl bush