How to care for Pearl Bush

Written by Maggie

Aug 31 2021

How to care for Pearl Bush

Pearl Bush is best cultivated on loose, fertile, sandy soil, with a growing temperature of 15-25 ° C and about 6 hours of sunlight per day. Water thoroughly every 5 days and fertilize every 15 days. Proper pruning branches, and timely pruning off the residual flowers and branches. When we care for Pearl Bush, do a good job of pest control. The following are details of Pearl Bush care.

Pearl Bush

1.Soil care

For Pearl Bush, use fertile, well-drained sandy soil. Garden soil, fine sand and coal cinder can be made into mixed soil according to the proportion of 5:3:2. In order to ensure the growth nutrients of the plants, a layer of bottom fertilizer can be laid in the soil before planting.

2. Temperature and light care

Appropriate temperature and adequate light are important When we care for Pearl Bush. pearl bush likes a cool environment and can withstand cold. The temperature should be kept between 15 and 25 ℃. When the temperature is too high in summer, you should pay attention to cool down, and when the temperature is below 5℃ in winter, you should take precautions to keep warm.

Pearl Bush likes warm light, so keep about 6 hours of light when growing. Full light is good for plant growth and flower number increase and bloom, but take care to avoid direct sunlight, so as to avoid sunburn.

3. Watering and fertilizing care

Pearl Bush likes wet conditions, but avoids over watering and overwatering. Water every five days. In addition to necessary water intake during high summer temperatures, spray water on and around the leaves of the plant to increase humidity.

There is not much need for fertilizer on the Pearl Bush because the soil has been fertilized before planting, so fertilizer should be applied once every 15 days. Phosphorus and potash fertilizer can be added to increase bud volume and promote flowering.

4. Pruning care

During Pearl Bush's early growth, pruning was performed to facilitate branching and rearrange the plant type. In addition, when we care for Pearl Bush, the pruning and finishing of withered branches and yellow leaves is also essential. After the flowering period, the residual flowers and branches should be pruned off in time to prepare for the next flowering period.

Pearl Bush

5. Pearl Bush care for pests and diseases control

Pearl bush growth suffered the harm of powdery mildew, so we need to give the timely cleaning plant, spraying prevention and control of chlorothalonil. If subjected to the harm of leaf spot, we need to deal with the onset of branches, and need to give the spraying carbendazim and chlorothalonil pest control. If it suffered the harm of scale insects, we need to be constantly replaced by spraying imidacloprid, strain, such as potions, suffered big domain moth, prevention and control of spraying to wet powder.

Disease control on Pearl Bush

Powdery mildew

When we care for Pearl Bush, it is very susceptible to powdery mildew at high temperature, can make the white dots on the blade, affect plant photosynthesis, long time no matter it is easy to infect other branches and leaves. We need to wash the leaves of the plant, to improve the growth environment, spray once every other week chlorothalonil, continuous three times at ordinary times.

Brown spot

If the Pearl Bush is exposed to brown spot disease due to poor ventilation, it needs to be ventilated, the affected branches need to be cut off, and a large amount of topical potassium fertilizer should be applied to increase the plant's resistance to disease, and carbendazim and chlorothalonil should be sprayed to control pests and diseases.

Pest control of Pearl Bush

Scale insects

If Pearl bush suffered the harm of scale insects, we need to process them immediately, otherwise this waste can make the plant develop coal pollution. We can clean with the brush first artificial plant leaves, and then to the plant every five days continuous replacement of imidacloprid, strain chemicals such as spraying, otherwise it's hard to kill the scale insects.

Large demoiselle moth

If the Pearl Bush is affected by large demoiselle moths, it will constantly eat the leaves of the plant and the plant will not grow normally. It is necessary to improve the ventilation environment and spray wet powder on the leaves of the plant for a month to effectively prevent the damage of large demoiselle moths.

Pearl Bush