Propagation methods of Multiflora Rose

Written by Maggie

Aug 31 2021

Propagation methods of Multiflora Rose

Multiflora Rose flowers are really impressive, not just because of their beauty. There are many beautiful flowers, but some of them are very coquettish. So, let's get to know it a little bit more and see what propagation methods Multiflora Rose to propagate.

Multiflora Rose
Multiflora rose is one of the most beautiful roses in the world

Cutting propagation method of Multiflora Rose

1. Multiflora Rose cutting soil

Multiflora Rose cutting flowerpot had better choose 20 cm diameter of the new shallow earthen pot, because of its good air permeability, easy to root. Or a bit more simple can choose transparent plastic box, such as cuttage after success again on the basin. The soil can be mixed with 20% humus garden soil, 40% horse dung and 40% river sand as the substrate.

Multiflora Rose cutting time

In the spring (May) and autumn (October) is the best, when the temperature is between 20-25℃, the most suitable cutting.

3. Multiflora Rose cutting before preparation

Before inserting, spray the soil in the basin with a watering can one day before cutting. But we can not spray too much, to the next day just micro embellish, the most suitable for cutting.

Sowing propagation method of Multiflora Rose

4. Multiflora Rose cuttings

Choose the year born half lignification development of robust shoots as cuttings, with a very sharp knife section cut 6-10 cm, incision requirements smooth and tidy, cut off the lower leaves, leaving only 3-4 leaflets at the top. Buy vitamin B12 injection 1, open the cuttings dipped in liquid medicine, and take out air for a while. The depth of the insert should be 3-4 cm. When inserting, first save a hole in the soil with chopsticks, and then insert the cuttings, compaction by hand, so that the basin soil and cuttings fully contact, and then pour a permeable.

5. Management after cutting of Multiflora Rose

After inserted, the flowerpot had better be covered with plastic bags, and the mouth of the bag was tied with tape. It should be opened again when watering, and then tied again after watering. Cutting pots should be placed in the direct sunlight without sunlight, cutting pot soil every day within 10 days to spray water. In addition to rainy days, cloudy days, we can spray 1 time, dry climate spray 2 times, but the amount of water should not be too much every day. Always keep the soil moist after 10 days. Shade the plants for 4-5 weeks, and only gradually allow them to receive some sunlight once they have sprouted. It usually takes about 2 months to root. After that, you only need normal maintenance.

Sowing propagation method of Multiflora Rose

When applying Sowing propagation method of Multiflora Rose, first collect the seeds and soak them in water for a day or two. Then mix them with about three times as much wet sand as the seeds. Put them in a container and keep them moist. Then, when it is time to plant in the spring, the seeds are taken out, dried, half cracked and ready to be planted. It is best to sow soil in accordance with the ratio of leaf rot soil: garden soil: bran ash = 3:5:2 mixed, after planting, given the appropriate environment, will soon take root and germinate.

Layering propagation method of Multiflora Rose

In spring, select last year's strong branches, each section with a knife to cut a piece of skin, except for the top exposed soil, the rest are all pressed in the soil. Check after 1-2 months. If the roots have been cut in half near the mother plant, after 7-10 days, and then cut off all the mother plant, and then a few days can be transplanted. When transplanting, take care to cut off some of the new branches and leaves for survival.

Layering propagation method of Multiflora Rose