How to care for Multiflora rose

Written by Maggie

Aug 31 2021

How to care for Multiflora rose

Multiflora roses are particularly common in our life, long flowering period, and large flowers, elegant, colorful and shiny color, very beautiful, are world-famous ornamental plants. How to care for Multiflora roses if its leaves are yellowing or it does not bloom flowers? Let's learn about Multiflora roses care.

Multiflora rose
Multiflora rose is one of the most beautiful roses in the world

Multiflora rose care for leaves yellowing

If the soil for Multiflora rose is too wet, control watering in time. After watering, it is appropriate to keep the soil moist. If the sun is too strong, move the plants to a semi-shady place, shading should be done well. The following are details of Multiflora rose care for leaves yellowing.

1. Reduce water

Multiflora roses like to grow in moist substrate, but are afraid of flooding. If water volume is too big it leads to water accumulation in the basin, easily leading to root rot, and the phenomenon of yellow leaves. Water should stop at this time, the yellow leaves cut, strengthening ventilation. It is advisable to keep the soil moist. In dry seasons, we can appropriately increase the number of water.

2. Shading treatment

Multiflora rose like in the sunny matrix in growth, but unfavorable to direct sunlight. If it is long-term to plant in the summer sun, easy to cause the blade to appear, the phenomenon of yellow and withered, then rose leaves become brown. The plant should be put in the shade when light is strong, and avoid direct light.

3. Cold treatment

Multiflora rose likes to grow in a warm environment, which can also promote the flowering of the plants. If the plants are placed outdoors in winter, it is easy to cause the yellow leaves of the plants. At this time, the yellow leaves should be cut off, and the plants should be placed indoors in a sunny place with room temperature above 10℃.

4. Reduce fertilization

When the leaves of Multiflora rose appear yellow, the first thing to consider is the excessive fertilization or the application of concentrated fertilizer. At this time, fertilization should be stopped. Fertilization season is mainly concentrated in the spring and autumn season, and mainly consists of thin liquid fertilizer.

5. Disease prevention

During the growth of Multiflora rose, it is prone to black spot, rust, leaf blight and other hazards. At the time of disease, leaves will appear in many spots, and finally appear yellow and withered. At this time, the sick leaves should be cut off, treated with disinfectant once, to strengthen the ventilation around, and sprayed with an appropriate amount of carbendazim solution for prevention and control.

Multiflora rose

Multiflora rose care for not bloom flower

There are many causes of Multiflora rose not bloom flowers. If it is lack of sun retards guarantee every day during the flowering time giving not less than 6 hours of illumination. If temperature is improper, apply thermal insulation measures and control temperature in 16 ~ 28 ℃ or so. The following are details of Multiflora rose care for not bloom flower

1. Enough light

Multiflora rose is a very bright light plant. If you put in a dark environment, it will affect the normal metabolism of the plant, resulting in the plant from the flower open. The plant should be moved to the sunshine with good environment maintenance. At the time of flowering, give light not less than six hours every day, to promote flower bud differentiation.

2. Proper temperature

The change in temperature is the key factor influencing the Multiflora rose. If the growth of plants around the environment temperature is too high, or low temperature for a long time, it is easy to cause the plants to flower, at this time should be controlled during growth temperature in 16 ~ 28 ℃ or so. We need to apply shade management when summer heat, winter indoors can control certain temperature differences, this is good for flowering.

3. Proper watering

Multiflora rose is a hygrophilous plant, but not in the water too much at ordinary times, which can result in water accumulation in the basin is serious, leads to root rot, and influences plant flowering effect. This also is one of the reasons why Multiflora roses do not bloom flowers. We should water appropriately. In dry hot weather we can increase the number of watering, appropriately control water quantity required in winter.

4. Proper trimming

Rosa multiflora is resistant to trim. In the process of pruning at ordinary times, cut off all the flowers, it is easy to cause the plant from the flower open. It’s better to undertake proper dreg to cut processing during growth, cut overmuch flower branches a part, retain growth robustly and the flower branch that does not have disease, have certain promotion effect to flowering currant.

Multiflora rose