Propagation methods of Mexican sunflower

Written by Maggie

Jan 15 2021

Propagation methods of Mexican sunflower

When it comes to Mexican sunflowers, you might think you're not familiar with them. But while the roots of this plant, commonly known as chrysanthemums, have something in common, they're not exactly the same. But when it comes to propagation, it's basically the same.Let's take a look at the propagation methods of Mexican sunflowers in detail.

Mexican sunflowers

Sowing propagation method of Mexican sunflowers

Timing: When we apply the sowing propagation method of Mexican sunflowers, we usually choose to plant in March to April.

Seed Gathering: This plant generally takes 25 to 30 days from flowering to seed maturity. The seeds we collect are mainly its achenes. When they are fully ripe, they are dark brown and fall out easily from the fruit bowl. Once this is achieved, we can collect them in time.

Sowing and temperature control: the choice of method is more flexible, can spread, can also drill. After spreading the seeds evenly, we also need to control the temperature. Under normal circumstances, it is better to keep the temperature above 15 degrees Celsius. If it can reach twenty to twenty-five degrees, then wait about four or five days to sprout.

Note: the germination rate of seeds is generally only 20 to 30 percent. If you want to increase the success rate, you can encourage them to sprout before planting.

Mexican sunflowers

Cutting propagation method of Mexican sunflowers

Time choice: not very strict, spring, summer, autumn are all OK.

Choose a substrate: either sandy loam or yellow loam will do.

Choose material: if it is close to the base, and more strong branches, then the success rate will be very high. If it's a twig, the success rate is low, around 20 percent, so we don't usually use twigs unless we have no other options.

How to propagate Mexican sunflowers by cutting: choose a cuttings ten to twenty centimeters long, remove the leaves above, and then leave about two or three small buds lying directly on the substrate. Keep the substrate moist and wait about fifteen to twenty-five days for new roots to grow.

Mexican sunflowers