How to Grow & Care for Mexican Sunflowers

Written by Maggie

Dec 13 2022

How to Grow & Care for Mexican Sunflowers

When we care for Mexican sunflowers, firstly, watery, loose fertile soil, sandy soil mass needs shi since August 1 ~ 2 times diluted organic fertilizer. In autumn, give 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and calcium superphosphate twice in foliage, maintain and control water use at ordinary times, do dry-wet combination, lighting length not less than four hours a day. The following are tips for Mexican sunflowers care.

Mexican sunflowers

1. Soil Care

Mexican sunflowers is a plant endemic to the subtropical region. Reasonable soil quality is very important when we care for Mexican sunflowers. It has strong adaptability to soil and is resistant to drought and weak soil.

2. Fertilizing Care

Mexican sunflowers have a large demand for fertilizer. In order to promote stronger roots of Mexican sunflowers, dilute organic fertilizer water should be applied once or twice from August, and 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or calcium superphosphate twice in autumn to promote flowering. After fertilization, water should be added.

3. Water and Moisturize Care

Mexican Sunflowers not only do not have a large demand for water, but also need to control the amount of water When we care for it. The combination of dry and wet can be achieved. In the spring and summer growing period, more water can be poured appropriately to maintain the growth and development of Mexican Sunflowers.

Mexican sunflowers

4. Light Care

Mexican Daisy-Like sunflowers have a great demand for sunlight. The daily duration of sunlight should not be less than 4 hours, otherwise it is not conducive to its normal growth. Wherever it is planted, it needs sufficient sunlight to maintain its growth, especially in the winter when the temperature is low.

5. Trimming Care

Mexican sunflowers should be watered less in the flowering period, and should always pay attention to the lower part of the plant yellow and thin branches and leaves to cut it, conducive to the ventilation and light between the branches and leaves, found that diseased Mexican sunflowers should be removed in time, and then use lime to disinfect the soil around the diseased plant.

Mexican sunflowers