Propagation methods of Ivory-colored Cymbidium

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

Propagation methods of Ivory-colored Cymbidium

You have a bowl of Ivory-colored Cymbidium at home, but you don't know how to propagate it, so you're worried? Recently also some friends have asked us to make up this question! After all, few flowers bloom in winter, so grabbing this more to a few pots is also a good choice. Well, now we will introduce propagation methods of Ivory-colored Cymbidium.

 Ivory-colored Cymbidium

Division propagation methods of Ivory-colored Cymbidium


The planting time can be chosen in the spring and autumn. The temperature in these two seasons is moderate, which will not make it difficult for the separated small plants to survive. In terms of time intervals, you can choose to do it every three years.

Choose bulbs

But what kind of bulb do you choose to operate on? This is not difficult to understand, the natural choice is to grow a good bulb. The denser parts of pseudobulbs can be selected. But it's important to make sure that each cluster has at least five fake bulbs that are joined together. Reduce the amount of water added to allow the soil to dry out a bit before starting the operation.

Preparation of soil and basin

Before going into the basin, cover the hole in the bottom of the basin with broken tiles and cover it with coarse stones, which account for less than 20% of the total soil in the basin. Top with more fine sand, finally with humus soil on the top layer.

Ivory-colored Cymbidium

Management after planting

First of all, the depth that's just right is just right, and that's pretty easy. After pouring through the water, keep the moisture of the soil under the condition of about half a month in the shade, slowly reduce the amount of water that can be normal maintenance.

Sow propagation method of Ivory-colored Cymbidium

Sow propagation method of Ivory-colored Cymbidium is so complicated that few people choose it. Ivory-colored Cymbidium seeds are very thin, and there is only one underdeveloped embryo in the seed, with very low germination power. Besides, the seed shell is not easy to absorb water, so it cannot be germinated by conventional sowing methods. Therefore, it is necessary to use orchid fungus or artificial medium to provide nutrients for germination. Planting fruit had better choose not cracking, surface with 75% alcohol after sterilization, remove the seeds, soaking with 10% sodium hypochlorite for 5-10 minutes, take out three times with sterile water rinse again can play in the cultivation of the bottle containing medium, and dark in the pure, the temperature about 25 c, stirring and then moved to the light that can form the original bulb. From sowing to transplanting, it takes half a year to a year. Tissue culture has been successful and can be propagated in this way if conditions permit.

Ivory-colored Cymbidium