Ivory-colored cymbidium profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

Ivory-colored cymbidium profile

Ivory-colored Cymbidium is a kind of orchid species with high ornamental value. It usually blooms during the Spring Festival, and the flowering period is also quite long. Ivory-colored Cymbidium's floral patterns are also quirky. Ivory-colored Cymbidium is a plant of the genus Cymbidium, which is native to the provinces of Hainan, Guangxi and Yunnan in China, but also found in Countries such as Nepal, India, and Myanmar. It is an epiphyte that grows in the wild on rocks near gullies. Its flowers are mostly white, shaped like two flying swallows, so it is also known as "double flying Swallows". It blooms during the spring of the lunar calendar, with a flowering period of about a month. It has elegant plant shape and elegant flowers. It is suitable for potted plants to be placed in the home and decorate the home.

Ivory-colored Cymbidium picture

Ivory-colored Cymbidium

Ivory-colored Cymbidium's growth habits

Ivory-colored Cymbidium is a strong-colored cymbidium fan. Ivory-colored Cymbidium prefers wet, afraid of drying, in the farming, keep the temperature at 15℃ -- 30℃, the temperature is best not lower or higher than this value.

Ivory-colored Cymbidium is a fleshy root plant. When choosing soil, it should choose sandy soil rich in humus and have good drainage ability.

Ivory - colored cymbidium flower

Ivory-colored Cymbidium blooms around spring, but depending on its growth habits, timing, lighting and so on. It can blossom during Spring Festival.Math-colored Cymbidium usually lasts for about a month.

Ivory-colored Cymbidium

Ivory-colored Cymbidium main value

Ornamental value: Ivory-colored Cymbidium is an important parent for the breeding of Tiger-headed orchids. For example, one of the parents of the first hybrid c. eburneo-lowianum is Ivory-colored Cymbidium, which is cultivated and of high ornamental value.

Cultural values: Ivory - colored cymbidium The cultural value of first of all, we want to say is about Ivory - colored cymbidium cultural values. In our daily life, we often can see orchid was used as the name of friends, all of these represent the parents for the child's wish and blessing, so to speak, in the Chinese people's mind, Ivory - colored cymbidium is the incarnation of beauty and embodies the symbol of watching over the growth and success of the Chinese children over and over again. Ivory-colored Cymbidium is the force that spurs us on.

Economic value: Ivory-colored Cymbidium is not only the basic function of flowers as we know, but also has a strong economic function. First of all, it has a one-month flowering period and is a relatively long kind of flower. Second, its growth ability is very strong and survival rate is high, so it can be widely planted. As a small potted plant raised by families, it is very popular. Ivory-colored Cymbidium can decorate homes for us, bringing beautiful enjoyment.

Origin and habitat of Ivory-colored Cymbidium

Ivory-colored Cymbidium grows on a rock by a ravine. It is produced in Hainan (Yazhou, Changjiang), Southern Guangxi (Wanshan) and southwestern Yunnan. Nepal, India and Burma also have them. Type specimens were collected from northeast India.

Ivory-colored Cymbidium