Propagation methods of Hybrid fuchsia

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Oct 28 2021

Propagation methods of Hybrid fuchsia

The most common propagation methods of Hybrid Fuchsia include cutting propagation, sowing and branching propagation, while tissue culture propagation is more difficult. During the propagation of cutting, the unlignified branches should be selected from the mother plant, cut into 6 small sections and placed in a cool environment to dry, and then the cuttings can be cut into sandy soil.

Hybrid Fuchsia

1. Cutting propagation method of Hybrid Fuchsia

When we talk about how to propagate Hybrid Fuchsia, the first thing we think of naturally is cutting. Cutting propagation method of Hybrid Fuchsia is the most commonly used and the most convenient propagation method for indoor potted plants, and it is also applicable to Hybrid Fuchsia. The following will take you step by step to propagate hybrid fuchsia from the aspects of time, cuttings, substrate and so on.

1. Cutting time

Generally speaking, the cutting of Hybrid Fuchsia can be carried out in three seasons except summer. However, according to the operational experience of people raising flowers, it is known that cutting Hybrid Fuchsia rooting in spring is the fastest, followed by autumn. In many places, the temperature in winter is low, so it is suggested that the best choice is spring and autumn.

2. Cuttings selection

Cutting Hybrid Fuchsia, the most important part is to choose cuttings, its quality will directly determine the survival rate of the whole propagation. You can pick 1-2 year old, robust, insect-free cuttings (not lignified and with tender tips) from a Hybrid Fuchsia potted plant and cut them into 6-10cm cuttings, keeping the upper 2-3 leaves and cutting off all the lower leaves.

Cuttings processing: After the selection of cuttings, in order to improve the survival rate, it is best to soak its base in potassium permanganate solution for 30 minutes, and then inserted into the matrix after taking out.

3. Cutting substrate

If you want to cut Hybrid Fuchsia, you need soil naturally generally, the cutting substrate of Hybrid Fuchsia is best mixed with garden soil and river sand in a ratio of 1:1, which has the least stimulation to the tender roots and is conducive to the survival of the tender roots after cutting.

4. Start cutting

After the above work is done, the cutting propagation of Hybrid Fuchsia can officially begin: insert the cuttings into the substrate, 1/3 or 1/2 of the depth of the cuttings. After inserting it, it needs to be watered thoroughly, and then placed in a bright place for management. Spray water 1-2 times a day, and half of it can take root after 20-3 days.

Hybrid Fuchsia

2. Sowing propagation method of Hybrid Fuchsia

Sowing propagation method of Hybrid Fuchsia is also the most common method, which is mostly in spring around April, when the temperature is relatively stable. Sowing the seeds of Hybrid Fuchsia into the prepared nutrient soil, and watering them to maintain a moist growth environment, and controlling the temperature between 15℃ and 20℃, will allow them to blossom in the next spring.

3. Plant division propagation method of Hybrid Fuchsia

The method of plant division propagation can be carried out around May in spring. Hybrid Fuchsia is depot treated and branches with independent roots are selected. After that, disinfected scissors are used to cut off the branches connected to the mother plant and placed in a cool environment.

4. Tissue culture propagation method of Hybrid Fuchsia

In tissue culture propagation, a combination of chemistry and biology is used. Hybrid Fuchsia leaves or stem tips are soaked in alcohol solution for half a minute, and then diluted indole acetic acid solution is used for soaking. In this way, germination can be accelerated and root generation can be induced, which takes about 30 days to take root in 100 years.

Hybrid Fuchsia

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