How to care for Hybrid Fuchsia

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to care for Hybrid Fuchsia

Hybrid Fuchsia has become one of the most common indoor plants because of its unique flowers and beautiful words. Many people choose Hybrid Fuchsia to decorate their home. But few of us know how to care for Hybrid Fuchsia. Today we'll talk about Hybrid Fuchsia care.

Hybrid Fuchsia

Hybrid Fuchsia care for leaves drying

The drying leaves of hybrid fuchsia is usually caused by lack of water, excessive sunlight, poor environment or soil deterioration, and corresponding measures should be taken according to different circumstances. If there is a lack of water, it can be appropriate to increase the amount of watering; Apply shading appropriately when the light is too strong; We can improve the environment when it is not good; When the soil deteriorates, it can be replaced for cultivation. The following are details of Hybrid fuchsia care for leaves drying.

1. Increase watering

Hybrid Fuchsia is often planted as a family pot plant. How to care for the dry leaves of Hybrid Fuchsia when growing? The dry leaves of Hybrid Fuchsia are usually caused by lack. After Hybrid Fuchsia leaves are found to be dry, it is necessary to increase the frequency of watering appropriately and spray water around the plant to increase air humidity.

2. Reduce sunlight

Hybrid Fuchsia likes to grow in cool, wet conditions and is afraid of high temperatures and bright light, which can cause leaves to dry out if it is kept in full light for long periods. At this time, it is best to transplant the plant to a cool and ventilated place indoors, and do a good job of cooling treatment, in order to prevent secondary damage to the plant.

3. Improve the environment

Hybrid Fuchsia is grown in an excessively hot and stuffy environment, which will also lead to dry leaves of the plants. At this time, it is best to transplant the plants to a semi-shady and ventilated environment for cultivation for a period of time. Air circulation should be ensured when growing Hybrid Fuchsia in the later stage. In the process of growing, the temperature should not be lower than 30 degrees and higher than 5 degrees. Too high or too low temperature will affect the normal growth of plants.

4. Change the soil

If the soil for growing Hybrid Fuchsia plant is not changed for a long time, the air permeability of the soil plate is not good, which will also lead to the drying of the leaves of the plant. The growth rate of Hybrid Fuchsia is fast, so the soil should be changed every two years according to the size of the plant when growing. The replacement of the soil can be foliage soil, garden soil, perlite mixed preparation, can be added in the soil fertilizer.

Hybrid Fuchsia

Hybrid Fuchsia care for buds falling

If the water is very serious, water should be reduced. Fertilizer should be added for it in the bud stage. Finally, some drugs should be sprayed for the treatment of diseases and insects, so that the growth of Hybrid Fuchsia can slowly return to normal. The following are details of Hybrid Fuchsia care for buds falling.

1. Increase light

Hybrid Fuchsia needs sufficient sunlight for its growth. If the daily sunlight does not reach a certain requirement, its flower buds will easily fall off. At this time, it should be moved to a place where it can be exposed to weak astigmatism as soon as possible. After a few days, it should be moved to a place with full sunlight, so that its flower buds can slowly recover.

2. Reduce watering

One obvious reason for buds falling is that we water too much. Although Hybrid Fuchsia likes water, it is important to pay attention to the method. Generally, the right way to do this is to reduce the frequency and amount of watering, keep the soil slightly moist and the buds will grow normally after a few days.

3. Moderate fertilization

It needs to consume a lot of nutrients in the bud stage. If the supply is not timely, the bud will fall off. Some fertilizer should be appropriately applied to it in the bud stage of Hybrid Fuchsia, so as to make the bud blossom smoothly.

4. Spray drugs

If the above three factors are excluded, it can be considered that it is caused by diseases and insects that cause the bud to drop. If this is the reason, it needs to be treated as soon as possible, because the longer the time is, the more serious the disease will be. You can go to a flower shop to buy some targeted agents for prevention and control.

Hybrid Fuchsia

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