How to take care of Hybrid Fuchsia

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to take care of Hybrid Fuchsia

Hybrid Fuchsia has become one of the most common indoor plants because of its unique flowers and beautiful words. We need to care for it when we grow it. The following are Hybrid Fuchsia care when flowers withered or Hybrid Fuchsia not blooming.

Hybrid Fuchsia

Hybrid Fuchsia care for flowers withered

If hybrid fuchsia is placed in a semi-cloudy environment for a long time, Hybrid Fuchsia will wither. At this time, it is necessary to give more than 8 hours of soft light irradiation and apply a certain amount of nitrogen fertilizer to supplement the nitrogen element lacking in the plants. In summer, the temperature should be lowered and a good ventilation environment should be maintained to alleviate the wilt phenomenon of Hybrid Fuchsia. The following are details of Hybrid fuchsia care for flowers withered.

1. Soft light maintenance

Hybrid Fuchsia wilts in the growing process. How to care for Hybrid Fuchsia? Hybrid Fuchsia has strict requirements on illumination and needs to be given sufficient illumination every day. If it is placed in a semi-shade environment for a long time, it will also hinder its growth.

2. Apply nitrogen fertilizer

Hybrid Fuchsia will also wilt if it lacks nitrogen. At this time, it is necessary to supplement nitrogen fertilizer in time to promote the absorption of nitrogen by roots, and the amount should not be too much. It should be applied frequently in accordance with the principle of thin fertilizer.

3. Lower the temperature

If Hybrid Fuchsia wilts in summer planting, it may be caused by high temperature. At this time, the temperature needs to be lowered to avoid excessive light irradiation. Water can be sprinkled on the leaves every day to lower the temperature, so that the wilting phenomenon of Hybrid Fuchsia can be alleviated.

4. Ventilation maintenance

If Hybrid Fuchsia is placed in a dark and closed environment, it will also lead to the wilting phenomenon of Hybrid Fuchsia. In severe cases, it will also lead to disease of Hybrid Fuchsia. Therefore, it needs to be placed in a well-ventilated environment at this time, and outdoor culture is the best environment if the temperature is suitable.

Hybrid Fuchsia

Hybrid Fuchsia care for it not blooming

Hybrid Fuchsia blossoms like a bunch of little bells hanging on the vine. It's very beautiful. What if Hybrid Fuchsia doesn't bloom? How to care for Hybrid Fuchsia? As long as you keep it warm, get plenty of light, apply the right amount of fertilizer and water, it will bloom from May to October. The following are details of Hybrid Fuchsia care for it not blooming.

1. Moderate temperature

Hybrid Fuchsia flowers from May to October every year. It has a long flowering season, mostly in the summer. We need to pay attention to the maintenance temperature of Hybrid Fuchsia when care for it. Too hot will make Hybrid Fuchsia flower withered, and it is best to keep the environment below 35℃, so as to avoid the situation of Hybrid Fuchsia not blooming.

2. Adequate light

Hybrid Fuchsia's flowers are very delicate and can't be exposed to too much light when raised. But the Hybrid Fuchsia plant needs plenty of sunlight to grow, so some light is needed. Hybrid Fuchsia is best placed in an astigmatic environment or shaded properly.

3. Loose soil

Hybrid Fuchsia doesn't require much soil. It can grow on all types of soil, but it would be better to add some sandy soil. The only requirement of Hybrid Fuchsia is that the soil must be loose, and the air permeability and water permeability must be good. When caring for Hybrid Fuchsia, we must often pay attention to turning the soil and loosening the soil.

4. Water enough

Hybrid Fuchsia is not drought resistant, so when you flower in the summer, be careful to water the plant frequently to ensure it is well hydrated. But in the spring just give birth to the flower bud, we must pay attention to reduce the amount of water, so that it can not only inhibit the growth of branches and leaves, but also promote the effect of bud germination and opening, so that it will blossom as soon as possible.

5. Fertilizer before flowering

In order to avoid the embarrassment of Hybrid Fuchsia's failure to bloom, the most important thing is to apply fertilizer before flowering. Before Hybrid Fuchsia produces bud in spring, try to apply some phosphate and potassium fertilizer to urge bud. You can directly buy phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer on the market. In addition, you can also apply some rice water, tea water or milk bottle water by yourself, which can make buds appear earlier.

Hybrid Fuchsia care for it not blooming

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