Propagation methods of Great bougainvillea

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Propagation methods of Great bougainvillea

We can use cutting, division, layering, grafting hydroponic propagation methods to propagate Great Bougainvillea. Now let's look at the details of these Great Bougainvillea propagation methods.

Great Bougainvillea

Cutting propagation of Great Bougainvillea

When applying cutting propagation of Great Bougainvillea, choose the annual woody green branches of great bougainvillea and shorten them to 10cm. Remove the bottom leaves, leaving only the top 2 or 3 leaves. After immersing the branch with much fungus spirit solution, undertake antiseptic disinfection processing, in-branch bottom daub root powder solution. Place it in a cool and ventilated place and wait for the wound to dry.

The branches are inserted into loose and fertile soil to ensure that the soil is permeable and watered to ensure that the soil is in a moist state. After a month, the branches of Great bougainvillea will take root and sprout after being preserved in a ventilated and cool place, shaded by Ebbe Lake appropriately and controlled at about 25℃.

Division propagation of Great Bougainvillea

Healthy Great Bougainvillea plants were divided into several small plants to ensure that each plant had a root. Trim the excess leaves of the plant to reduce excess nutrient consumption. After the root is cleaned and disinfected, move it to a cool and ventilated place and wait for the wound to dry.

Plant the Great Bougainvillea in the soil, pressing the soil around the plant with your hand to make sure the roots are in good contact with the soil. Pour water to ensure that the soil is in a moist state, the plant is moved to a ventilated and cool place for conservation, avoid strong sunlight, shade protection, waiting for the germination of new branches and leaves.

The Great Bougainvillea propagation method of hydroponic  

Pick out healthy, mature Great Bougainvillea plants, rinse the soil around the leaf roots with water, and prune the damaged roots appropriately. The Great Bougainvillea was soaked in carbendazim solution for sterilization and disinfection to avoid the breeding of bacteria and insect pests. Place ot in a cool and ventilated place and wait for the wound to dry.

To prepare a clear glass container, place the Great Bougainvillea plants in the container and add water to fully soak the Great Bougainvillea. Add the root powder solution to the bottle. In a well-ventilated place, the Great Bougainvillea will take root and sprout in about a month. The water can be changed once a week to ensure clear water quality.

The suitable growth temperature of Great Bougainvillea is between 20 ℃ and 25℃, which can promote the continuous growth and germination of Great Bougainvillea. Great Bougainvillea is not cold resistant. In winter, it should be moved indoors for maintenance. If the temperature is lower than 10℃, it will cause frostbite to the leaves. The environment is dry and water can be sprayed in the air and on the blade surface.

After the root system of the Great Bougainvillea is perfected, it can be transplanted in loose and fertile soil to ensure the air permeability of the soil, and sand and gravel can be added. Great Bougainvillea is growing fast and needs to be pruned. Remove some dead branches and rotten leaves in time, which can reduce the consumption of excess nutrients, effectively increase air circulation, and avoid the breeding of bacteria and insect pests.

Great Bougainvillea

Layering propagation of Great Bougainvillea

Layering propagation of Great Bougainvillea is carried out from May to June. Select the lower part of the plant 1 to 2 years old branches, press into the basin. Pressure into the soil in the branches must be annular-peeled, its width should reach more than 2 times the diameter of the branches, pressure after the soil fixed, often spray water to keep wet, about a month to take root, after more than 2 months can be cut off on the basin. Layered propagation of seedlings into plants quickly, suitable for family flowers.

Grafting propagation of Great Bougainvillea

In the spring when the temperature is above 15 degrees Celsius, 3-4 years old common Great Bougainvillea is used as rootstock, and excellent varieties such as double petals are selected as scions, with a length of 5-10 cm. The grafting method is adopted by cleavage grafting. After grafting, the grafting can heal after 40-50 days, and new buds will be produced.

Great Bougainvillea