Propagation methods of Gentiana tetraphylla

Written by Maggie

Jan 13 2021

Propagation methods of Gentiana tetraphylla

How to propagate Gentiana Tetraphylla? Gentiana Tetraphylla can propagate by cutting, sowing and division. There are three kinds of propagation methods we can choose according to your own situation.

Gentiana Tetraphylla

1. Cutting propagation method of Gentiana Tetraphylla

Before the bud differentiation of Gentiana tetraphylla, flower friends can cut off the branches of the adult Gentiana tetraphylla plant, cut off the lower leaves every three sections as cuttings, put them in the prepared cuttings bed, and water them immediately. The soil temperature is controlled at 18 ~ 28℃. Generally, it takes about 3 weeks to root, and the survival rate is about 80%.

2. Sowing propagation method of Gentiana Tetraphylla

The seeds of Gentiana Tetraphylla are small, weighing about 24 mg per thousand seeds, and germination requires high temperature, humidity and light conditions. It starts to germinate at about 25℃ for 7 days, and grows slowly in the seedling stage. It likes weak light and avoids strong light. It is difficult to propagate and preserve seeds in production. There must be intensive farming, new fat film seed dressing, improve seed germination rate, strengthen seedling management, keep the seedbed moist, with reed curtain shading.

Propagation time: The sowing propagation method of Gentiana Tetraphylla can be carried out in two seasons, autumn and spring. Autumn is usually in November.

Growing environment: choose a moist, well-ventilated environment to grow. Gentiana Tetraphylla likes to grow at high temperatures, and does not like direct contact with the sun.

Propagation method: the seeds selected in autumn will generally germinate in the spring of the following year. Sowing should not be too dense. It is the same as the general seeding method. Seeds selected for spring propagation need to be put into the soil, after a winter, the spring is dug up for normal sowing.

Gentiana Tetraphylla

3. Plant division propagation method of Gentiana Tetraphylla

Plant division propagation method of Gentiana Tetraphylla is suitable to be applied in early April.

Generally dig out underground roots and rhizome parts in autumn, when digging flower friends do not damage winter buds, will be cut into three sections above the rhizome, together with the roots buried in the soil, and to cover the soil, keep the soil moist, and so on to the second year can grow into new plants, spray a new fat film to protect seedlings grow.

As long as the whole root of Gentiana tetraphylla is dug out and divided into several plants, each plant should have 1 to 2 new buds, and the spacing of planting should be about 40 cm *30 cm. When planting, try not to let the buds show on the soil surface.

Care for propagating Gentiana Tetraphylla

After propagating, water enough in time, but can not appear water phenomenon, pay attention to its drainage.

Weeds should be pulled out in time.

When applying sowing propagation, after the birth of seedlings to be thinned, the smaller, weaker pull out, leaving more robust continue to grow.

Fertilizer can be applied at flowering time.

Gentiana Tetraphylla