Propagation methods of English bluebell

Written by Maggie

Jan 15 2021

Propagation methods of English bluebell

English bluebell is a very famous flower, but the most famous one is from Britain. In many forests in Britain, English bluebells are everywhere. Natural English Bluebell has become a kind of ornamental flower favored by people in Europe. In recent years, it has been introduced into China, and there are many flower friends to maintain it. How does a bluebell propagate? What are the propagation methods of the English bluebell? Let's have a look!

English Bluebell

English Bluebell can propagate in large numbers in nature, and its vitality must be very tenacious, so the success rate of propagating english bluebell is also very high. At present, there are two main propagation methods of English bluebell, namely, bulb propagation and division propagation.

1. Bulb propagation method of English bluebell

When English bluebell is growing, many bulbs will sprout from its rhizome, and these bulbs can be propagated as offspring. However, if you want to propagate bulbs, it is best to choose English bluebell that has grown for 3 years as the target. Cutting the bulbs from the mother plant at this time does not affect the growth of the mother plant too much.

After the bulbs are cut off, prepare ceramic flower pots. The sandy soil with good air permeability and drainage ability is covered with a layer of base fertilizer. Then plow the soil again.

The bulbs can then be transplanted to new soil at a depth of three to five centimeters, which is just the right depth for the bulbs to absorb nutrients. After careful maintenance, the bulbs of English Bluebell will germinate in about 10 days. After careful maintenance, it is expected that the bulbs will blossom in one to two years.

English Bluebell

2. Division propagation method of English bluebell

When we apply the division propagation method of English bluebell, it should be selected in March to April every year, when the temperature is relatively suitable, which is very suitable for English bluebell growth. First we can dig the adult English Bluebell plants out of the pot soil and then remove the soil from the roots.

After that, the roots and stems of English Bluebell were cut, and each plant had new roots and shoots. Then, fresh pot soil was prepared to be disinfected, and different ramets were transplanted into the new spray. After carefully curing for a week, it can be planted, and then it can be cured according to English Bluebell cultivation method!

Conclusion: The single pot of English Bluebell is certainly not as beautiful as the English Bluebell. At this time, flower friends can use the propagation method of English Bluebell to propagate new English Bluebell, and then keep it for themselves to enjoy, or give it to their friends and relatives!

English Bluebell