Propagation methods of Cymbidium tigrinum

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

Propagation methods of Cymbidium tigrinum

As a national key protected plant, Cymbidium Tigrinum is the most rare orchid species in family culture. So, how can we make this rare spotted orchid more and better farmed? The propagation methods  are important! The following are propagation methods of Cymbidium Tigrinum.

Cymbidium Tigrinum

Propagation method of Cymbidium Tigrinum: Divided strains

Division propagation method of Cymbidium Tigrinum can be done in spring and autumn, and usually every three years.

Any plant with a high density of pseudobulbs can be separated, and at least 5 pseudobulbs that are joined together should be kept in each cluster.

Before the plant to reduce irrigation, so that the basin soil is dry. After plant separation, cover the bottom hole of the basin with broken tiles, then spread rough stones, occupying 1/5 to 1/4 of the depth of the basin, then put coarse-grained soil and a small amount of fine soil, and then plant with sandy loam rich in humus.

After plant separation, the planting depth should be 2cm along the mouth of the basin, covered with green cloud grass or fine stones, and finally irrigated through water. Place the plants in the shade for 10-15 days to keep the soil moist, gradually reduce watering, and carry out normal curing.

Cymbidium Tigrinum

Propagation method of Cymbidium Tigrinum: sowing

The seed of Cymbidium Tigrinum is very fine. There is only one embryo with incomplete development inside the seed. Germinating force is very low, together with seed skin it is not easy to absorb water, sow with conventional methods cannot germinate, need to use orchid fungus or artificial medium to supply nutrients, ability germinates. Cymbidium Tigrinum are not easy to get, famous products are more precious!

Planting fruit had better choose not cracking, surface with 75% alcohol after sterilization, remove the seeds, soaking with 10% sodium hypochlorite for 5-10 minutes, take out three times with sterile water rinse again can play in the cultivation of the bottle containing medium, and then placed in the dark in the pure, the temperature about 25 °, stirring and then moved to the light that can form the original bulb. From sowing to transplanting, it takes half a year to a year.

The best way to propagate is to divide plants, so that a pot of orchids into two pots, into three pots, slowly let indoor and outdoor are full of fragrance, give you fresh and enjoy.

Sow propagation of Cymbidium Tigrinum is very difficult; cultivate your patience, just try! Cultivating flowers is also a good way to cultivate one's mind and character.

Cymbidium Tigrinum