How to grow and care for Cymbidium Tigrinum

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

How to grow and care for Cymbidium Tigrinum

Cymbidium Tigrinum is suitable for planting in an air circulation environment. It likes shade, avoid direct sunlight, like wet, avoid dry. How is its specific growing method?The following I will introduce to everyone about how to grow and care for Cymbidium Tigrinum!

Cymbidium Tigrinum

How to grow Cymbidium Tigrinum

The plate

The pot (or turning pot) time of the plant is generally in the spring from March to April. Flower Pots with small mouths, deep basins and large bottom holes are preferred. Newly dug wild seedlings from the mountains should be planted in the devi, so that the orchid mud is easy to dry, good ventilation, easy to root; After 2-3 years we can change a purple arenaceous basin or porcelain basin.

The method of cymbidium tigrinum planting (in the pot) is different from the general flowers, especially the famous orchids, the root must be washed to turn the pot. The method is: the root is immersed in clean water, with an old toothbrush or brush gently. Do not force too much, to prevent injury and the root system; The medicine should be carefully pruned, and then pay attention to the ventilation effect of the environment.

1. Pot method 1: after preparing the pot and plants, put the orchid plant upside down (root on top, leaves on bottom) under the faucet and rinse with slow water. The water pressure should be gentle to avoid hurting the orchid root and leaves. Hold the orchid head with thumb and forefinger, press the little finger against the rim of the basin, and fix the root with chopsticks. When put into the basin, try not to let the root touch the basin wall. Pour the bean size gravel mixture into the bottom one-third of the basin. Then pull out the chopsticks and shake the plants in the pot.

2. Basin installation method 2: Pay attention to the drainage of the basin bottom, the devonian is filled with broken tiles, and the purple sand basin must be covered with perforated nylon gauze. Before planting, lay rough stones in the basin, about 2/5 of the depth of the basin, cultivate the soil with rough stones, 3-5cm thick, and then add the bluegrass. When the basin pays attention to the root to self - spread, do not curl. When planting Cymbidium Tigrinum, old grass must be pulled over, new grass is put in the center, leaving room for new grass to be sent again.

Cymbidium Tigrinum


Farm manure is a good organic fertilizer, but it must be piled up and aged for more than a year before it can be used. We can use this kind of fertilizer liquid to water 10-20 times irrigate, as far as possible apply in the basin edge, do not contact the root, do not touch Cymbidium Tigrinum leaf.

Foliar application of fertilizer is mainly based on foliar application of fertilizer. Foliar application of fertilizer can not only absorb and supplement the nutrients of Cymbidium Tigrinum plants through orchid leaves, but also won't make the fertilizer touch the root to cause fertilizer damage, which is the best way for orchids to apply fertilizer.

Hold to 10 days or so to undertake foliaceous gout fertilizer, and it can raise good orchid completely. Do fertilize to the basin.1∶1000 potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 1∶1000 borax can also be used. Aloe vera is not only nutritious, but also effective in preventing disease and insect invasion.

Fertilization should be a frequent thin application, eat more meals: Cymbidium Tigrinum in the growth period need not much fertilizer, to the growth of robust orchid strains, every 10 to 15 days can be applied a thin liquid fertilizer.


The first watering of a flower plant after it is planted is called "fixed root water". The fixed root water must be thoroughly watered. Generally after the basin to water twice, first watering, see the water from the bottom hole out of the basin, and then water again.

Watering methods should be used to spray, can not only increase the air humidity, and can wash the leaf dust. But to the flower that leaf has nap or is blossoming, unfavorable spray pouring, and should put the whole flowerpot in birdbath, achieve water does not flood basin mouth, use basin bottom hole ooze water, make basin soil moist. Meanwhile, attention should be paid to the water temperature, which should be controlled at about 15°.

Watering is usually done early in the morning or late in the evening. Water thoroughly, and do not water half.

How to care for Cymbidium Tigrinum

Avoid direct sunlight

In the maintenance and planting environment of Cymbidium Tigrinum, adequate light and air circulation should be paid attention to, and direct sunlight should be avoided by all means to avoid burns.

Apply thin fertilizer every time

Cymbidium Tigrinum fertilization, should not be too much, to avoid the appearance of excess nutrition, and not conducive to the growth of plants.

Cymbidium Tigrinum