Propagation methods of Crocus sativus

Written by Maggie

Jan 06 2021

Propagation methods of Crocus sativus

Crocus sativus is a perennial flower of the genus Crocus sativus in the iris family, also a common spice and perennial herb. Crocus sativus is a bulb plant, and is a rare hardy variety. The most commonly used propagation method is ball propagation, in August ~ September before flowering saffron ball, flowering can see a lot of copies of saffron! Take a look at the specific propagation method of Crocus sativus!

Crocus sativus

Ball division propagation method of Crocus sativus

Dividing time:

The growing season of Crocus sativus in winter and spring, there are two varieties of autumn flowering and spring ring-opening, usually in August to September. The earlier the ball is divided, the better the seedlings.

Select planting balls:

The residual flowers should be removed immediately after spring flowers, so as to avoid nutrient consumption, and the compound fertilizer solution based on phosphorus and potassium should be applied once or twice to promote the growth of bulbous roots and continue the normal maintenance. To the summer on the ground part of the yellow, the bulb out of the shade after storage.

Save seeds:

Cut the residual leaves at the top, remove the residual mother bulb, and then move into the room, graded by size, and put into the indoor plaque. Do not need to bury the soil, the bulb bud nozzle up, flat discharge in the plaque, a little gap between the bulbs can be.

Indoor potted plants:

In autumn, according to the shape of the seed ball, a long sub - ball can be divided into plants. Open it directly with your hands and plant it in a pot.

Crocus sativus

Maintenance after ball sharing:

After distributing the ball, the indoor air humidity should be increased appropriately to keep the soil moist. Promote seed germination.

After the middle of August, the temperature drops, generally do not take cooling measures. The suitable temperature of Crocus sativus is 15~18℃, and the indoor temperature can be controlled after pellet separation to promote flowering.

Sowing propagation method of Crocus sativus

Crocus sativus does not seed easily and requires artificial pollination to obtain seeds. So if you want to use the sowing propagation method of Crocus sativus, you can buy seeds from a flower shop.

In spring and Autumn season, sow seed directly inside the basin, between seed interval 5~10 centimeters, had better sparse some.Because the plant grows, the soil cannot be changed within 2 years.

It takes three to four years from seed sowing to plant flowering. This period can be appropriate watering fertilizer.

Crocus sativus can be propagated by ball-splitting and seeding methods, but mainly by ball-splitting.

Crocus sativus