Propagation methods of Citron

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

Propagation methods of Citron

Citron can be propagated by cutting, grafting, high pressure propagation. The Cutting time is in late June to the middle of July, cut branches from the robust mother plant cuttings, about 1 month can be root, two months of germination, germination can be transplanted. Also we can use long cuttings, take 3 ~ 4 years of strong branches, cut growth 50cm for cuttings. The following are details of propagation methods of Citron.


Cutting propagation method of Citron

Cutting preparation

When applying the cutting propagation method of Citron, choose a 7- to 8-year old mother tree in advance. Cut off the strong, healthy branches. Cut off the leaves and top shoots. Cut the branches into cuttings about 17-20 cm long.

Site preparation 

Seedbed had better choose the sandy soil with a deeper soil layer, for the convenience of later seedling. After the selection of land, deep ploughing and raking fine, and the application of human and animal dung water to give nutrients, stacked into a high bed width of about 1.3 meters, of which, the width of the furrow is about 30 centimeters, about 20 centimeters deep. Cuttage time can choose in spring 2-3 months or between autumn 8-September, generally the best autumn cutting effect, because in the cutting of the year can grow roots, the next year in the spring after germination growth is very rapid. Cuttage in the bed to open a trench distance in the 23-27 cm or so transverse groove, then it can be inserted in accordance with the plant spacing of about 15-17 cm, pay attention not to insert. When the cuttings are done, the soil can be compacted, with one bud at the top sticking out of the soil and keeping the soil moist.

Seedling stage management

After cutting, do a good job of daily maintenance, timely weeding, often watering irrigation. If the precipitation is much to do a good job of drainage. At the same time to build a shed, for its shade. When the height of the seedlings is 7-10 cm, remove the clusters of weak seedlings, and generally keep one strong seedling per plant. After topdressing light human and animal dung water or ammonium sulfate 3-4 times, cultivate a year can be transplanted.

Grafting propagation method of Citron

Grafting propagation method of Citron takes place in the spring and autumn. It is better to use citron or lemon as rootstock. Rootstock is usually propagated by cutting or sewing. Grafting methods include:

Inarching method: 8 ~ 9 month, root stock choose 2 ~ 3 cm in diameter, stem root development and growth of 4 ~ 5 years living plants and cut in the bottom of the stem base branch to branch, leaving a branch, in cutting down to one side of the branch height again to some layer, then choose a year spring or autumn branches as a scion, similar to the thickness and the stock, 5 ~ 7 cm long. The side at the bottom of the scion is cut to the following parts of the cortex, and then on the cut surface of the stock on the cut surface of the scion, the two sides closed, central bound tightly with the plastic sheeting. About a week later, it will heal. Cut off the stock above the joint.

Cut belly grafting method: Cut the stock at 5-7cm above the ground in the early and middle of March, cut it off with a grafting knife, select the smooth part slightly with wood for the oblique section, the depth is 1 ~ 1.5cm. The scion should be left with 2 ~ 3 buds, and the lower end of the scion should be cut into a wedge of 1 ~ 1.5cm long. Then, one side of the cut stock should be straight to the cut scion skin, and tightly inserted into the cut stock, and tied with plastic film. Generally, it will heal and shoot out after half a month. The soil must be loosened and weeded at this time. After 45 to 60 days, start to shoot. At this time we must remove the bandage, otherwise the new shoot is easy to bend.


Land preparation and planting

Cutting seedlings or grafting seedlings after a year of cultivation, seedlings as high as 50cm, spring and autumn can be planted, and as February temperature begins to warm, the new bud is about to germinate. Generally familiar ground, first arrange the drainage ditch around, according to the plant row spacing of about 3m holes, if the use of field edge corner planting can be slightly dense, nest diameter about 50cm, 30cm deep, best soil to be fine. It is best to use triangle arrangement. Each nest planted seedlings a plant, must be planted, the roots to the four sides of the extension, with fine soil mound root, upward light several times, so that the root and soil closely, and then covered with fine soil to step on the solid, finally covered with soil slightly higher than the ground.

Field management

After planting, plow weeding and top dressing 3 times a year. The first spring fertilizer before the bud, the second spring fertilizer before and after the summer solstice, the fertilizer is generally based on human and animal dung water and vegetable cakes. In the second topdressing, some areas with 250g urea and 500g calcium superphosphate mixed with water 100 times, with a sprayer for a topdressing outside the root, to promote the tree vigor and fruit hypertrophy. The third winter fertilizer should be applied after Citron harvesting from October to November. It is best to apply heavy fertilizer after compost with vegetable cakes, cow and horse dung and superphosphate. According to the experience of people in main producing areas, Citron fertilizer is the most important in winter. Hibernation can keep Citron leaves in the overwintering period and start flowering in the next spring. If winter fertilizer is insufficient, overwintering period leaves fall, next year spring just begins to mix or blossom, summer fruit is not much, affecting yield. Citron roots mostly grow laterally and its lateral roots and taproots are shallow in the soil, so digging deep in the middle tillage is not recommended to avoid root damage. In winter it should be covered with soil Yong Dou once.

When Citron is in bloom, you can knock off excess and male flowers, leaving only one or two on each short branch. Or it is safer to pick them when they have young fruit.

High - altitude layering propagation method of Citron

High-altitude strip propagation is generally carried out in June to August. We can choose the growth of vigorous branches under high pressure, with a knife to cut the cortex length of about 3 cm, or ring peeling about 1 cm, with soil bags, and then plastic film wrapped outside. Often applying watering moisturizing, about 1 month can be hair roots. About 2 months later it can be cut off and transplanted.