How to grow and care for Citron

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

How to grow and care for Citron

Citron purifies the air, absorbs radiation and beautifies the environment. So how does Citron grow? How to care for Citron? Next, let's learn the growing methods of Citron and Citron care.


Citron growing methods:

Best growing time: Citron splitting propagation in spring, cuttage propagation in September to October.

The best growing soil: Citron likes loose, fertile and well-drained acidic soil. The basin soil should be mixed with loose sandy soil and red and yellow loam, adding an appropriate amount of decaying organic fertilizer. The growth and development of the clay heavy alkaline soil are poor.

Growth humidity requirement: Citron is suitable to grow in the environment with relative humidity of 70 {bf} ~ 80 {bf}.

Optimum growth temperature: The optimal growth temperature is 20 ~ 25℃.

Optimal Growth Light: Citron receives at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Care for growing Citron 

Fertilizing care

Citron doesn't like thick fertilizer, and usually applies a thin liquid fertilizer every two months during the summer and fall.

Watering care

Citron is drought-resistant. Watering should be done only when the leaves of the plant are wilting. Otherwise, the leaves are easy to grow fruitlessly and the flower buds are less differentiated.


Pruning care

After the Citron is placed on the pot, the main vegetative growth begins. The terminal bud grows continuously without self-pruning. Therefore, we should focus on the core of the main shoot to promote branching and dwarf the crown of the tree. Dredging weak branches, combining support, pull, hanging methods, adjust the posture of the tree, beautify the tree. After the results, according to the growth, fruit potential, spring and summer bud wipe, fruit branch top to pick at the heart, thinning flowers and fruit, promote the balance of shoots and fruits in each period, and prevent the phenomenon of big and small years.

Change the pot soil  

Citron should change the pot in time. For fertilizing, the Citron should pull out branches and blossom many times a year, which requires more fertilizer. Change the pot every 2 to 3 years. When changing the basin, the basin soil should be cultivated with acid soil and applied with sufficient basal fertilizer.

Propagation Point: Citron propagates by division, cutting, or sowing.

1. Division: Division is generally carried out in spring with repot. Cut a number of old plant clusters and plant them in another pot.

Cutting: Cuttings suitable for family breeding, generally in 9 ~ October, with clean wet sand as substrate, and then the cut dry branches inserted into the sand bed, the temperature is kept at about 20℃, 30 days after the root, until the root length of 2 ~ 3 CMS, you can on the pot.

Disease and insect control of Citron 

The most common is Citron palm wilt disease, the pathogen from the root and neck invasion, extended to the whole plant. Early yellow brown to brown disease department, root neck wrinkled soft, the ground part of the comprehensive wilting dry, in high temperature and humidity conditions prone to disease. The prevention and treatment methods are: minimize the wound, if necessary, in the early stage of the disease with 50 {BF} carbendazim WP 500 times solution, or 70 {BF} methyl tobuzine WP 800 times solution irrigated root neck.