Propagation methods of Carthusian pink

Written by Maggie

Jan 14 2021

Propagation methods of Carthusian pink

Carthusian pink is a carnation plant, named because it is found throughout the Mediterranean region of Europe, except in Greece. Carthusian Pink has a very strong propagation ability. Generally, it is propagated by sowing and cutting. After planting one seed, it will propagate a lot. Now, let's look at these two propagation methods of Carthusian pink.

Carthusian pink

Sowing propagation method of Carthusian pink

1. Timing

Sowing propagation method of Carthusian pink is best to propagate in the spring, when the temperature is better and the survival rate of carthusian pink increases.

2. Soil selection

It is necessary to prepare loose and fertile soil with good drainage and air permeability. Garden soil and humus soil can be used to mix in proportion, or nutrient soil can be purchased directly.

3. Dispose of seeds

The seeds should be soaked in warm water to remove the bad seeds from the surface for another 24 hours. Then, the seeds should be left to dry in a cool and ventilated environment.

4. The sowing process

After drying the seeds, when the weather is clear, spread the seeds in the prepared soil, keep a certain distance between the seeds, and cover with a fine layer of soil, and water the soil, put in the humidity and temperature conditions, there is a mild astigmatism place, wait for a week or so to germinate.

Sowing propagation method of Carthusian pink

Cutting propagation method of Carthusian pink

Carthusian Pink is generally suitable for cutting in March of spring or September of autumn. Before cutting, the strong branches of the mother plant should be cut for cutting. After the cuttings are trimmed, they can be soaked and dried in a root powder solution. After drying, the cuttings can be planted in the soil with good drainage. Water control is needed during the maintenance period. After the cuttings are expected to grow out the roots, they can be normally maintained. The following are details of the cutting propagation method of Carthusian pink.

Carthusian Pink has strong adaptability, and the main propagation method is cutting propagation, with a high survival rate. Carthusian Pink can be cut in many seasons, usually in March in spring or September in autumn. Before cutting, you need to cut 1 year of robust disease-free branches on the mother plant for cuttings. After cutting, you can prune cuttings appropriately, and you need to cut off the redundant leaves.

The top of the cuttings can be retained 2 ~ 3 leaves, trimmed after the need to soak the cuttings. The survival rate of Carthusian Pink can be increased by soaking cuttings in root powder solution for 10-20 minutes. After its bubble, it can be placed in a cool and ventilated indoor position to dry, to be cut after the wound healing, and can be cut in loose and breathable soil.

Carthusian Pink has a good drought tolerance and is not resistant to waterlogging, making it suitable for cuttings in loose, breathable and well-drained soils. Dry cuttings are planted in loose, breathable soil. Water should be controlled during curing, without light or fertilizer. In the later stage, Carthusian Pink can be given sufficient light and water and fertilizer after its roots are grown.

Carthusian Pink doesn't require much light, but during its growth, it needs to be given sufficient light to support the growth of its branches and leaves. Carthusian Pink is not resistant to waterlogging and should be properly watered and fertilized. Too much water or fertilizer can damage the root system, which can affect the normal growth of Carthusian Pink.

Carthusian Pink