How to propagate Bromeliads

Written by Maggie

Sep 09 2021

How to propagate Bromeliads

How to propagate Bromeliads? Normally Bromeliads have 3 propagation methods, division sowing, and cutting. Now, let's look at these three propagation methods of Bromeliads.


Plant division propagation method of Bromeliads

Bromeliads division time:

Plant division propagation method of Bromeliads can be applied in warmer spring, summer, and early fall, preferably in early spring (February and March) after the soil thaws.

Bromeliads division method

The first step is to take the seedlings from the mother plant. Cut the roots from the mother plant in order to make the tillering seedlings have as many roots as possible.

The second step, before planting, to fill the cut of a small pineapple with dry toner, and burn it thoroughly and grind it with a small stick.

The third step, with a breathable and permeable non-glazed clay basin first into 1/3 of the slightly acidic culture soil rich in humus grain structure (wet degree to barely knead into a group), and then gently put the seedlings into the basin, carefully fill the soil lightly patted.

Management of Bromeliads after division

After the plant is loaded into the pot, irrigate the root or pour a permeable water. Because its root system was very damaged, water absorption ability is very weak, it will take about 3 ~ 4 weeks to restore the germination of the new root. Therefore, the points of moderation within 3 ~ 4 weeks after watering, lest roots rotted, but its leaf transpiration is not affected. In order to maintain the water balance of the blade, we need foliar spray 1 ~ 3 times a day (higher injection temperature, low temperature spray spray or not). Don't fatten up during this time, either. After division propagation of Bromeliads, also paying attention to the sun is too strong, it is best to put in the shade shed maintenance.

Bromeliad - Most Common House Plant

Cuttage propagation method of Bromeliads

A careful friend will find that the perennial ornamental pineapple will sprout a lot of buds in the base of the leaf axils, and when these buds spread out 5-6 leaves, we can cut them for cutting propagation.

Bromeliads cutting propagation are relatively simple and similar to the cuttings of most potted flower plants. Bromeliads can also be cut by cutting the succulents that grow from the mother plant after flowering. Insert it into a clean sand bed, but avoid using a flowerpot filled with sand for cuttings, as it can easily cause rot in the root base.

Sowing propagation method of Bromeliads

Sowing propagation method of Bromeliads is rarely used when propagating Bromeliads. The seeds of Bromeliads can be sown to propagate. Just sow the Bromeliads seeds in leaf rot soil, water until the soil is soaked, and keep the growing environment at 30℃. If the temperature does not reach this level, wrap the flower pot in plastic bags or cover with a little plastic film.