Propagation methods of Bouvardia hybrida

Written by Maggie

Jan 14 2021

Propagation methods of Bouvardia hybrida

Bouvardia Hybridda can be propagated by sowing. Today, we'll introduce the sowing propagation method of Bouvardia Hybridda.

Bouvardia Hybridda

Time for sowing propagation

Bouvardia Hybrida has a strong ability to adapt to the environment. It can usually sow and multiply in spring and autumn, especially in April to May in spring, for the highest survival rate of sowing. Do not sow and multiply in summer and winter, for the germination rate of seeds is very low.

Soil preparation for sowing propagation

Bouvardia Hybrida does not have high requirements for soil, but it is recommended to sow in loose and fertile soil. Usually, it can be directly used to multiply with leaf rot soil, or it can be added to the soil with pastoral soil, bark, peat and other substances. Adding ashes can increase the fertility of the soil.

Bouvardia Hybridda

Accelerating bud processing in sowing propagation

When it comes to how to propagate Bouvardia Hybrida, you can get seeds from the flowers of Bouvardia Hybridda, or buy the seeds of Bouvardia Hybridda from the flower shop. You can soak the seeds in warm water for half a day, and then soak them in carbendazim for five minutes, so that the seeds are easier to take root and germinate.

Sowing management when propagating by sowing

Sown the sprout seeds directly into the soil and loosen some pot soil appropriately. You can water Bouvardia Hybridda appropriately and put them in the mild sunshine to cover them with a layer of plastic film, so as to make the seeds of Bouvardia Hybridda more easily take root and germinate.

Bouvardia Hybridda