Bouvardia hybrida profile

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Jan 14 2021

Bouvardia hybrida profile

When in full bloom, the goblet flowers of Bouvardia Hybridda are clear and somewhat ornate. There are red, pink, white and so on, especially white flowers that are often used for wedding bouquets. Both potted and cut flowers are very popular and have a pleasant aroma.

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Bouvardia hybrida

Morphological characteristics of Bouvardia hybrida

When in full bloom, the goblet flowers of Bouvardia Hybridda are clear and somewhat ornate.

Bouvardia Hybridda's flower colors are red, pink, white, etc.

Ecological habit of Bouvardia Hybridda

Bouvardia Hybridda likes a warm, humid and sunny environment, not cold resistant, not drought, afraid of high temperature and strong light exposure. The optimum temperature for growth is 13 ~ 24℃ from February to September, 13 ~ 15℃ from September to February of the following year, and the temperature in winter is not lower than 10℃. The soil is fertile, loose, well drained slightly acidic sandy loam soil.

Growing methods of Bouvardia Hybridda

Bouvardia Hybridda is best cultivated in a well-lit environment and a cool winter climate. When the plant is young, remove the tops of the branches to encourage branching and prune after each flowering. Bouvardia hybrida, with proper care, the plant can grow to 60 cm tall, but after about two years of cultivation, even for the most sophisticated, the growth tends to decrease

First of all, it needs to choose a more breathable pot, and give it to use nutrient soil for cultivation. Secondly, Bouvardia hybrida is planted in the soil, because it likes the moist environment

So it needs to be watered every day, but can not make the basin soil waterlogging. Finally, put the planted Bouvardia hybrida into a sunny environment for growth. Usually, give it some sunshine in the morning, and put it in a cool place for conservation in the afternoon.

Bouvardia hybrida

Bouvardia Hybridda propagation methods

It is mainly propagated by division and cuttings.

Division: Combine and change the pot in spring.

Cutting: spring in March to April. Choose plump shoots, 5 to 6 cm long, inserted into the sand bed, the room temperature is maintained at 18 to 20 degrees Celsius and high air humidity. Root 25 ~ 30 days after implantation.

Bouvardia Hybridda's flower giving etiquette

Make bouquets in your favorite color, no ribbons, and accessorize with silk or tulle.

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Bouvardia hybrida