Primula malacoides Franch. Breeding methods and precautions

Written by Maggie

Nov 13 2020

Primula malacoides Franch. Breeding methods and precautions

Primula malacoides Franch. mainly adopts cutting method and sowing method to reproduce. When sowing, it is necessary to select healthy and insect-free seeds, which can effectively increase the germination rate of seeds. Cutting propagation needs to choose healthy branches. After cutting, you can water a little. After growth, the plants can receive the morning light to promote the photosynthesis of the plants, but high temperature should be avoided in time.

Primula malacoides Franch. picture

Primula malacoides Franch.

The reproduction method of Primula malacoides Franch.

1. Sowing and breeding

Primula malacoides Franch. is a kind of flower plant with high ornamental value. There are a large number of breeding bases in our country, so primula malacoides Franch. Propagation methods and precautions and which ones. First of all, Primula malacoides Franch. Sowing full seeds can better improve the survival rate of seeds.

2. Cutting propagation

Before cutting Primula malacoides Franch, you need to choose healthy and strong branches as cuttings, which can greatly improve the survival rate of cuttings. Generally, cuttings are best to be carried out in autumn. At this time, the temperature is suitable and the survival rate of branches is higher. We can use tools before cutting. Insert a small hole in the soil, then insert the branches, and water them appropriately. Wait for the branches to sprout and take root.

Precautions for breeding of Primula malacoides Franch.

1. Avoid high temperatures

Primula malacoides Franch. During summer maintenance, it is necessary to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. Although Primula malacoides Franch. Likes light, long-term exposure to high temperatures will easily lead to slow growth of plants and dry and yellow branches. Therefore, summer farming needs to be moved to a ventilated place. Plants receive morning and evening light to promote flower bud differentiation.

Primula malacoides Franch.

2. Fertilization management

Primula malacoides Franch. During the seedling period, a low-concentration fertilization operation should be carried out every 10 days or so. After the weather gradually cools, Primula malacoides Franch. also quickly enters the period of vigorous growth. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriately increase the number of fertilizations and apply more nitrogen fertilizer to promote the healthy branches growth, phosphate fertilizer can be added in the late growth period to promote better flowering of plants.