Primula malacoides Franch. profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

Primula malacoides Franch. profile

Primula malacoides Franch. is a biennial herb, usually powdered, with leaves in clusters. The leaves are oval to elliptic or oblong, lobes with small irregular teeth, and petioles are multicellularly pilose. Scape can reach 40 cm high, umbels, bracts linear or linear-lanceolate, pedicel is slender, calyx is campanulate, corolla pink, light blue-purple or nearly white, capsule is spherical, flowering from February to May, 3 Result in June.

Primula malacoides Franch. is distributed in Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi of China, and also in northern Myanmar. It grows mostly in wilderness, fields, moist open land, ditch and forest margins. This species is widely cultivated all over the world and has many horticultural varieties. Primula blooms in early spring, has rich flower color and long flowering period, and has high ornamental value.

Primula malacoides Franch. picture

Primula malacoides Franch.
Camellia is one of flowers blooms in winter

Primula malacoides Franch. habitat

Produced in Yunnan, Guiyang, and western Guangxi (Longlin). It grows in damp open land, ditch and forest edge, at an altitude of 1800-3000 meters. It is also distributed in northern Myanmar. Type specimens were collected from Dali, Yunnan.

Primula malacoides Franch. Growth habits

Primula is a typical warm-temperate plant. Most of the species are distributed in higher latitudes and low altitudes or low latitudes and high altitude areas, growing in moist open land, ditch edges and forest edges, at an altitude of 1800-3000 meters. It prefers a cool, humid environment and well-drained, humus-rich soil, which is not resistant to high temperatures and strong direct sunlight, and most of them are not resistant to severe cold.

Primulas generally used as potted flowers in cold greenhouses should be cultivated in neutral soil. Not tolerant to frost, early flowering. Primula vulgaris, arranged as an open-field flowerbed, is suitable for growing on a shady slope or semi-shady environment, and it likes soil with good drainage and is rich in humus.

Primula malacoides Franch.