Is Cyclamen persicum Mill suitable for home breeding

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

Is Cyclamen persicum Mill suitable for home breeding

Cyclamen Persicum Mill is a good plant to keep at home, on a sunny balcony or in a well-ventilated window. It can be placed indoors to decorate your home, clean the air, and protect your eyes.Cyclamen Persicum Mill likes light. If the indoor light is poor and the environment is closed, plants should be moved to a warm and ventilated place outside to avoid delayed flowering or diseases and insect pests.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill

Cyclamen Persicum Mill is suitable for home breeding

Cyclamen Persicum Mill has a beautiful plant type, delicate flowers and elegant aroma, suitable for indoor planting. Putting in the room can decorate the room, bring vitality for the indoor environment, alleviate visual fatigue, conducive to the protection of the eyes. Kept indoors, it is resistant to polluting gases such as chlorine, second-hand smoke and carbon dioxide, and purifies the air.

Indoor maintanence of Cyclamen Persicum Mill

Light for Cyclamen Persicum Mill

Cyclamen Persicum Mill is a light-loving plant that needs adequate light to grow and bloom. Cyclamen Persicum Mill is suitable to put the position such as sitting room window place or the balcony where the light is better, helpful for plant growth. If the indoor light is poor, it will affect the growth of the plant, and also make the flowering delay. During its growth, often move the plant to the outdoor exposure to light.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill

Ventilation for Cyclamen Persicum Mill

Keep cyclamen persicum mill indoors and always open windows for ventilation to ensure good indoor air circulation. If the indoor environment is relatively closed, ventilation is poor, water is too heavy, not conducive to the growth of the root system, will make a large number of flowers falling. Moist, enclosed environments tend to breed bacteria, reduce plant resistance, and induce disease or insect infestations.

Pests control of Cyclamen Persicum Mill

Keeping Cyclamen Persicum Mill at home, preferably put at windowsill, and spray antimicrobial agents appropriately for insect prevention. If the plant has a disease or insect infestation, cut off the serious disease and insect leaves, treat them with appropriate agents, and place them in a warm, well-ventilated place. If the disease or insect pests more serious, we also need to replace the basin soil.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill