How to propagate Yellow Iris

Written by Maggie

Dec 21 2020

How to propagate Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris is a perennial wet or watery perennial herb with tall plants and short thick rhizomes. Flowering period is May - June. Yellow Iris is one of the most popular aquatic flowers, with beautiful flowers such as the golden butterfly flying among the flowers, which is of high ornamental value. It has a wide range of adaptability. It can be cultivated in the open field beside the pond or in the water with good effect.

Yellow Iris is a kind of flower type of aquatic plants and aquatic flowers and plants of the plant design and color is gorgeous and elegant appearance beautiful flowers, has high ornamental value, and to adapt to the planting area is more extensive. Yellow Iris can be in the pool open, can also be cultivated in water, can also be at home where there is water in the courtyard planting and decoration. The plant flowers diameter is at about 8 cm and generally blossom in 5 ~ 6 months each year.

Yellow Iris

Yellow Iris propagation method

1. Sowing propagation of Yellow Iris.

Seed propagation is usually in June to July and planting the seeds of mature after the mined can be sowing. Seedling rate is relatively high, dry storage of seed to the soil before sowing seed soaking with warm water for about half a day. The cultivation of bed soil with nutritional soil is better, the suitable temperature of germination in 18 to 24 ℃ or so, about 20-30 days after germination, and Yellow Iris flower the west generally 2 to 3 years.

Yellow Iris

2. Yellow Iris division propagation method.

Division propagation is generally better in spring and autumn, and the specific steps are as follows: First of all we need to dug out and cut off the aging rhizome and fibrous roots, and then use a sword according to 4-5 cm length cut into several segments, each segment about 2 apical bud is the best. Of course it can also be a root segment for cultivation in wndsor, bud rooting until after transplanting.

Yellow Iris management and maintenance

1. Yellow Iris can be used as a potted plant for viewing, but it is best to use as potted ornamental pot soil nutrient soil and garden soil. Points after strains are more likely to survive, because it is a hydroponic plant and flowers, so planting in the soil also needs to keep moist or 2 ~ 3 cm of shallow water. The water's edge and pool can be planted, remember after planted will turn the soil compaction to prevent water waves washed away or bitten by fish feed and influence.

2. Yellow Iris growing places need ventilation and previous light. To make plants grow better, during the high temperature of summer we need foliar spray water to reduce the loss of moisture, and in the growth period there should be 2 ~ 3 times fertilizer, fertilizer mainly rotten cake fertilizer or flower compound fertilizer. In the winter when you need to clear in time the withered leaves, potted plants and plant seedlings planted a more points every two years to have the effect of reproduction. Yellow Iris diseases and insect pests are more in high temperature in summer, and we can spray triadimefon wettable powder.

Yellow Iris