How to propagate Wood sorrels

Written by Maggie

Jan 22 2021

How to propagate Wood sorrels

Wood sorrels can be propagated by division and sowing, and flower friends can choose different propagation methods according to your own conditions. The following are the steps of Wood sorrels' division and sowing propagation methods.

propagation method of Wood sorrels 

Plant division propagation method of Wood sorrels 

Plant division propagation methods can be carried out throughout the year, usually in spring and autumn. First, the florist selects the mother plant and breaks the large plant into clumps by hand. Then, simply plant each clump in a different pot.

If Wood sorrels have too many leaves, they can be removed or planted without leaves. A leafless bulb can grow new leaves in a short period of time.

There are many eyes on the corm. The rhizome for division propagation can be cut into small pieces. Each small piece should have no less than 3 eyes.18℃, and it can quickly take root long leaves, and grow into new plants.

Due to the strong germination force, it can form plump plants in a short time.

Sowing propagation method of Wood sorrels 

Wood sorrels sowing propagation time can be done in the spring. Since Wood sorrels' seeds are small, they are usually placed indoors in pots. Wood sorrels' seeds can be directly planted in pots, covered with thin soil after seeding, and then covered with plastic film or glass for moisture.

The ambient indoor temperature for sowing propagation is maintained at 15-20℃. This temperature is conducive to seed germination, usually after sowing about 10- 12 days, the seeds of Wood Sorrels will germinate.

propagation method of Wood sorrels