How to propagate wild pansy

Written by Maggie

Jan 21 2021

How to propagate wild pansy

Wild pansy is a perennial herb with strange flowers and colorful colors. It is one of the most popular flowers in China and is very suitable for family potted plants. How does Wild Pansy propagate? Common wild pansy propagation methods are sowing propagation method, cutting propagation method, layering propagation, etc.. Now let's see the propagation method of Wild pansy.

propagation method of Wild pansy

Wild Pansy is highly adaptable. It propagates without any seasonal requirements. In the right temperature, it can breed all year round.In the last wild pansy can be planted in the autumn, mentioned, spring sowing wild pansy months bloom, generally spring sowing in July to September flowering, summer sowing species usually in September to November flowering, autumn sowing in early spring. Wild Pansy likes light and is cool. Hot season seeding can lead to poor growth. How does Wild Pansy propagate best? Four good ways to propagate Wild Pansy are as follows:

1. Sowing propagation method of Wild pansy

Wild Pansy likes to live in a cool and sunny environment, so the best sowing propagation season for wild Pansy is autumn. At the end of August, most appropriate at the beginning of September, choose the sandy soil with good drainage performance, and we need to ensure good illumination, and can use shallow pot seeding. Cover the soil with 2 to 3 times the thickness of the seed. Water the seed thoroughly after sowing.

2. Layering propagation method of Wild pansy

Wild Pansy layering propagation methods have a high survival rate. How to propagate wild Pansy fast? I think layering propagation operation is simple and convenient, operability is very strong. The Layering propagation method is suitable for early summer. Take the strong shoots from the base of the plant and bury them in peat or river sand. Keep them moist from time to time. Generally, they can take root in 15 to 20 days.

3. Cutting propagation method of Wild pansy

In order to ensure that wild pansy maternal fine properties, cutting propagation usually in 3 to 7 months, shearing plant base smoke branches as cuttings, flowering branch the cuttings, not cutting propagation of survival rate is very high. Generally visible hand plant root 2 to 3 weeks.  The layering propagation method has strong operability, no technical level, method is simple and was quick to learn.

4. Transplantation propagation method of Wild pansy

How to propagate Wild Pansy fast? The use of the transplantation propagation method is also very fast. When seedlings grow 3 pieces of true leaves, they can be transplanted and propagated, and family pot plants can be moved to the pot. The row spacing of plants is about 4 cm ×5 cm. When seedlings grow 8 pieces of true leaves, they can be transplanted for a second time, and can be planted in the flower bed or in the pot. The pot should be 12 to 15 centimeters in diameter. Seedlings are resistant to transplantation, but the roots need to be transplanted with soil masses when they are in the flowering stage to ensure vigorous flowering in the coming year.

propagation method of Wild pansy