How to grow and care for Wild Pansy

Written by Maggie

Nov 05 2021

How to grow and care for Wild Pansy

Wild Pansy is a biennial or perennial herb, but is often cultivated as an annual. Pansy is relatively easy to grow.The following pot growing Wild Pansy as an example to introduce Wild Pansy growing methods, and growing Wild Pansy care.

grow and care for Wild Pansy

How to grow Wild Pansy

(1) wild pansy can be grown in autumn and flowers in spring, or it can be planted in spring and summer and flowers in autumn. Traditional sowing dates are from May to early June, and from late August to early September.

(2) Prepare the seeds, and then plant it into the soil, to ensure the appropriate germination temperature, Wild pansy germination temperature is 18-21℃, under light conditions for 10 days or so germination, growth temperature is 10-13℃, 14-15 weeks after sowing flowering. Wild Pansy develops well at daytime temperatures of 15-25 ° C and night temperatures of 3-5 ° C.

(3) When the seedlings grow 4 pieces of leaflets, it can be colonized, colonization to ensure that the roots with soil, otherwise it is difficult to survive.In addition. The location of the transplant should try to choose a place with good drainage and ventilation, and can not make the temperature too high and too much water, otherwise it will affect its growth. (Find more fall plants here.)

(4) Seedlings after transplantation, first of all to give it enough light, the growth temperature to 7 to 15 degrees the best. This allows the stems and leaves to flourish. Then water is appropriate, cannot let the soil wet and dry, or it will hinder the growth of it, and then give it a proper fertilization. When it grows in the early, give priority to with nitrogen fertilizer, flowering time is given priority to with phosphate fertilizer, finally to prevention and control plant diseases and insect pests and proper pruning branches, cut of branches and flowers, so can induce plants to grow new branch, produce more flowers, and also can extend its flowering appropriate.

grow and care for Wild Pansy

Growing Wild Pansy care 

When we grow and care for Wild Pansy, we can choose peat soil, coarse sand, and a suitable amount of rotten leaf soil organic fertilizer mix mix culture soil, cultivation to give not less than 4 hours a day during the period of direct sunlight, control temperature at around 12 ~ 18 ℃, basin of water to keep dry soil, applying once every half a month or so rotten effects. 

Matrix care for growing Wild Pansy

Wild Pansy is suitable for the growth of neutral sandy soil with good drainage and rich in organic matter. When potting, the mixed soil of peat soil, coarse sand and leaf rot soil can be used as culture soil. When the pot is on the bottom of the pot, the appropriate amount of decomposable organic fertilizer particles are put into the pot and stirred evenly, but the roots should be separated so as not to affect the growth of burned roots. (Find more Winter Flowers here.)

Lighting care for growing Wild Pansy

Light treatment is the key to keep good wild pansy. When we grow and care for Wild Pansy, ensure that the light time given every day is not less than 4 hours. If the lack of light, it affects the flowering, but also controls the temperature at about 12 ~ 18℃. In the case of high temperature, move the plant into the sunny ventilated place, or to the surrounding water to reduce the temperature.

Watering care for growing Wild Pansy

Wild Pansy is suitable for growth in a dry environment, but in the peak season of growth to often keep the basin soil moist, not water. When we grow and care for Wild Pansy, rainy weather can not be watered, winter to keep the basin soil dry, every watering to dry see wet, flowering to pour enough water, high temperature also often spray water, in order to increase air humidity.

Fertilizing care for growing Wild Pansy

Regular fertilization is an important condition when we grow and care for Wild Pansy, mainly the principle of thin fat frequently applied fertilizer, but grow true leaf flowering nitrogen, flowering before spraying three thin compound fertilizer solutions. When pregnant we should apply top dressing stage 2 times of potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, the growth season when applying once every half a month or so to rotten effects.

grow and care for Wild Pansy

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