How to propagate Star jasmine

Written by Maggie

Aug 24 2021

How to propagate Star jasmine

Star Jasmine mainly has two propagation methods: cutting and layering. If you do it in the laboratory, you can also do it in tissue culture. Cutting propagation method is recommended when domesticated. Choose healthy branches and leaves, insert them into soft soil, water them timely, and wait for them to take root. The following are three propagation methods of Star Jasmine.

Star Jasmine

Cutting propagation method of Star Jasmine

Cutting propagation is a common propagation method used by Star Jasmine.

Star Jasmine uses cuttings to propagate, which is relatively simple. Cuttings can be made throughout the year, but spring and autumn are the best time to propagate cuttings. Summer is fine, but Star Jasmine's branches are perishable. In winter to carry on the cutting, it is necessary to take some heating measures. When cutting, choose the appropriate container, and put a certain proportion of perlite, peat, vermiculite made of cutting matrix. Cut off branches of appropriate length, keeping 2 to 4 leaves, and insert them into the soil. Cutting after maintaining the appropriate temperature, and will pay attention to shading, maintenance for 15 days or so, you can take root.

Attention should be paid to the growth of Star Jasmine to avoid disease and death.

Overall, Star Jasmine propagation by cutting has the best effect. Cutting propagation cycle is shorter, the growth is faster, and more easy to survive.In addition, Star Jasmine uses cuttings to propagate, which allows more plants to be propagated on a large scale.

Star Jasmine

Layered propagation of Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine is used for laminating. You can use both old and young shoots.

The old branches can be pressed in the spring and the young ones in the summer. Press Star Jasmine branches into the soil and let them take root. When the roots have grown and the new shoots have grown to a certain extent, they can be separated from the mother plant and replanted.

But the layering propagation method, relatively speaking, is a little more difficult than cutting propagation.

Tissue culture method of Star Jasmine

Due to the consideration of the separation of characters in the process of culture, rapid propagation is often adopted by budding budding, with an annual multiplication rate of 200 to 300 times. However, due to the limitations of facility conditions and technical requirements, coupled with the operation process is more complex than cutting and layering, the promotion is limited to a certain extent. 

In short, Star Jasmine is an easily propagated species, and cuttage propagation is the best of the three propagation methods, with short propagation cycle, fast seedling formation and high propagation coefficient, which is more suitable for large-scale production and promotion.

Star Jasmine