How to Grow and Care for Star Jasmine

Written by Maggie

Aug 24 2021

How to Grow and Care for Star Jasmine

Green plants are an indispensable role in modern people's life. People often buy all kinds of plants to decorate their homes and afforest the environment. However, nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for plants, which not only need to be able to adapt to the changes of the environment, but also hope to have colorful decorations to replace the previous single. And Star Jasmine just meets these requirements, and is highly sought after by the public. But how to care for Star Jasmine when we grow it? Here are some growing and caring tips of Star Jasmine.

Star Jasmine

Temperature care for growing Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine is very cold resistant and very heat resistant. In the south of the Yangtze River in China, certain protective measures are needed for winter on the open ground, while in the north of the Yangtze River, Star Jasmine should be placed indoors as a potted plant for winter.

Light care for growing Star Jasmine

In terms of lighting, lighting is very important to Star Jasmine. In the early growth stage of Star Jasmine, it needs semi-shade. When the plant grows to a certain height, it needs to be preserved in a place with strong sunlight.

Soil care for growing Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine requires loose, fertile soil with good drainage, and neutral or acidic soil is preferred.

Pruning care for growing Star Jasmine

If you want to grow Star Jasmine well, it has to be trimmed, and it has to be reshaped. After pruning, fertilization should be combined to promote the germination of branches and leaves, so that Star Jasmine has a better growth form.

Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine care for diseases and insect pests prevention

Star Jasmine is vulnerable to aphids, and aphids prevention and control should be done well.


Star Jasmine has a strong ability to adapt to the environment, but it is easy to suffer from anthrax if it is kept under high temperature in summer, which will gradually weaken the plant and finally wither the plant and die. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen ventilation management, water cooling, and spray methyl tobutin to the plant for prevention and control.

Leaf spot

Whenever Star Jasmine suffers from leaf spot, its branches and leaves will present irregular disease spots, which will affect the ornamental value of its plants. At this time, the affected branches and leaves need to be cut off immediately, and the amount of watering should be reduced, and the amount of fertilizer should be increased for careful maintenance. The plants should be sprayed with MZ WP once a week for prevention and control.


In general, in the pest control and disease control of Star Jasmine, whenever the temperature rises in spring, the plant will be vulnerable to the harm of aphids, which will absorb the nutrients in the plant and cause poor growth of Star Jasmine. First of all, it is necessary to force the plant with brush and water, and then spray Lesburn cream to control the disease and insect.


If Star Jasmine does not replace the potted soil for a long time, it will be harmed by nematodes, which will make the roots unable to absorb water and nutrients. In this case, the rotted roots of the plant should be cut off, and then the new potted soil should be reprepared for conservation. In addition, the soil should be poured with DDVP and the surface of the soil should be sprayed with carbendazim for disinfection.

How to care for Star Jasmine leaves growing colorful

The first is to ensure normal lighting. Normal lighting can promote the good growth of Star Jasmine and also play a good role in the color of the leaves. The leaves of Star Jasmine will be more bright. However, in summer, Star Jasmine should not be exposed to the sun. We should pay attention to proper shading for Star Jasmine to prevent sun exposure. In this way, the color of Star Jasmine leaves will appear normal.

The second thing is to develop the habit of pruning. If Star Jasmine is pruned frequently, it can promote its continuous branching. If Star Jasmine can keep branching, it can keep growing new leaves. The new leaves are pink, and then gradually turn white and green. In this way, it can meet the requirement of making Star Jasmine colorful. Read More about how to propagate star jasmine.

Star Jasmine