How to propagate Shameplant

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

How to propagate Shameplant

It is easy to propagate Shameplant, generally using a sowing method. Sowing propagation time is not limited, but it is best to plant indoors in early spring in March to April. Special with straight root plants and few fibrous roots, it is suitable for sowing propagation, not suitable for cutting or plant partition propagation.The following are details of the sowing propagation method of Shameplant.

propagation method of Shameplant

Seed collection for Shameplant propagation

Pods often grow in clusters in one place, and the maturity period is not orderly, with mature and cracked fruit pods, young fruit and flower buds often appearing on the first branch at the same time. Seeds should be harvested in batches, and seeds in the early-forming fruit pods in the middle and lower parts of branches should usually be harvested.

Sowing propagation time of Shameplant

Before sowing propagation, mature, full, large, substantial and colorful seeds should be selected for seeding. The germination shelf life of the seeds is short, so the seeds should be planted with harvest or stored in a cool indoor place with fine sand mixed in, and the seeds should be sown in the next spring. Generally, the seeds should be planted indoors in early spring.

propagation method of Shameplant

Sowing propagation method of Shameplant

1. Shameplant can live with a small basin, also can use shallow basin raise seedling planting, seeding rotten leaves in 2 a, 3 into garden soil, 5 into thin yellow sand sieve mixed preparation, sowing at first in the basin on the right amount of cultivating soil, paving and compaction with watering can spill water, treated water immediately after a full penetration to sow, small basin live every 1-2 grain sowing seeds, such as shallow pot seedling with 2 * 2 cm distance on demand.

Cover the seeds with 3-5cm of soil after seeding, and it is appropriate to cover the seeds. Cover the basin with glass or plastic film to keep wet. Put the basin in astigmatism at about 20℃, and fill with water by soaking the basin method when the soil in the basin is dry. Four, shameplant seedling management

2. Take off the covering on the pot after the seedlings are Shameplant, and gradually receive sunlight. When the seedlings grow to 3 centimeters high, sow them in a shallow pot and transplant them separately, and the seedlings should be transplanted with soil, otherwise they are not easy to survive. Just after the seedling of the basin is poured permeable, put half shade place first, move to sunny place again after waiting for slow seedling.

3. Direct seeding in small pots can be directly put in a sunny place for growth. In the middle of April in the south and early May in the north, the seedling pots can be moved out for cultivation, and water in time and often keep the soil in the pot moist. Seedlings grow to 4 leaves beginning to topdressing liquid fertilizer, generally 7 ~ 10 days top dressing a cooked light liquid fertilizer, seedlings grow up can be changed again in the pot, but the pot should not be too large, general planting to 15 ~ 20 cm medium pot. Click here to know more about shameplant care.

propagation method of Shameplant