How to grow and care for Shameplant (Mimosa Pudica)

Written by Maggie

Sep 10 2021

How to grow and care for Shameplant (Mimosa Pudica)

Shameplant (Mimosa Pudica) is a kind of magical plant. Every time you touch it, its leaves will shrink, as if shy, very interesting. Because of this characteristic, a lot of people like to buy a basin. How to grow and care for Shameplant? The following are some Shameplant growing and caring tips.

Growing Shameplant care

Shameplant Care for Plant Withers

When we grow and care for shameplant (Mimosa Pudica), if Shameplant withers, first need to change its suitable for the growth of the soil. If found soil roots rotted, we need to cut it off in time. Shameplant withered is caused by diseases and pests, so need timely wither of cut, and corresponding control spraying, undeserved wait for soil water dried up after water, 20 days of an organic fertilizer. The following are growing shameplant care for plant withers.

1. Soil Care for Shameplant

The withered plant may be caused by improper water and fertilizer, too much light, and the harm of diseases and insects. When we grow and care for Shameplant, first of all, it is necessary to replace the soil suitable for growth. When Shameplant is shamefully replaced with new soil, if rotten roots are found, they should be cut off in time, and yellow sand, leaf rot soil and garden soil can be mixed in a ratio of 4:3:3 as the substrate.

2. Pruning Care for Shameplant

When we grow and care for Shameplant, it is necessary to cut off all the withered branches in time, and cut off the weak branches together, burn them together and bury them deeply, and then spray disinfection agents on them and put them in astigmatism for daily care, which can gradually restore the vitality of the Shameplant.

3. Water & fertilizer Care for Shameplant

When we grow and care for Shameplant, if the water and fertilizer are not appropriate, it may wither. After giving it a better soil and timely pruning, the amount of watering and fertilizer should be controlled. When Shameplant is withered, wait for the soil to dry up every time to water, change the soil cultivation for a week, and apply NPK compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer every 20 days.

4. Environment Care for Shameplant

After dealing with the withered part of the Shameplant, the growing environment should be improved. The withered part of the Shameplant may also be related to light, so it is best to move it to the ashametic and ventilated place for careful maintenance. If it is planted too densely, it is necessary to dig it out and replant it with an interval of 8 ~ 10cm.

Growing Shameplant care

Shameplant Care for Not Blossom

Shameplant not bloom flowering may lead to a lack of illumination, not need to move it to adequate sunlight maintenance, make its plant constantly to differentiation, the lack of nutrients needed to its large amount of topdressing fertilizer, winter frostbite first frostbite of branches cut off, and to control the temperature around 10 ℃. When we grow and care for Shameplant, in a timely manner to the pruning process, so as to make it the beautiful flowers. The following are details of growing Shameplant care for not blossom.

1. Sunlight Care for Shameplant

The leaf growth is relatively dense with Shameplant, and not flowering at ordinary times may lead to the lack of light. When we grow and care for Shameplant, it should be put in the full sun in the gentle sunshine, so that the flower is beautiful. Do not put it in a cool place during the growth, and give it shade and sun protection in summer.

2. Fertilizing Care for Shameplant

In fact, the demand for nutrients is very high, and it is difficult to make the plant bloom due to lack of nutrients at normal times. When we grow and care for Shameplant, we need to apply NPK compound fertilizer to the soil immediately, and we can also apply organic fertilizer to provide nutrients to the plants so that they can blossom beautiful flowers, but it is not appropriate to apply excessive fertilizer to the plants.

3. Warm Measures

If there are no good warmth measures for the Shameplant in the process of growing in winter, so that the plant will be frostbitten by chance in low temperature, it will be difficult to blossom. It is necessary to control the temperature at about 10℃ to avoid more serious frostbite of the plant. It is best to cut off the frostbitten branches and leaves, so as to make the Shameplant blossom.

4. Trimming Care for Shameplant

The growth speed of Shameplant is fast, so we must prune it timely at ordinary times, otherwise the plant will consume a lot of nutrients in the soil, and it will be unable to blossom. When we grow and care for Shameplant, cut off the branches and leaves without flower buds, dead branches and diseases, so as to concentrate the soil nutrients and promote their flower buds to blossom.

Growing Shameplant care