How to grow and care for Shameplant

Written by Maggie

Aug 14 2021

How to grow and care for Shameplant

Shameplant is a common potted plant in everyday life. When touched lightly, its small leaves close up and then the whole leaf drops down. How to grow and care for Shameplant? Let's look together.

Shameplant care

Shameplant care for leaves withered

When the shameplant leaves wither, it is suggested to transfer Shameplant to a cool and ventilated environment for cultivation, and cut off the withered part of the leaves. If the harm of diseases and insects results in the Shameplant withering leaves, the corresponding pesticides of diseases and insects should be sprayed. Without watering for a long time, the moisture should be sprayed appropriately. The following are details of Shameplant care for leaves withered.

1. Transfer potted plants

When we grow and care for Shameplant, its leaves are suddenly dry, which may be caused by too much light at this time. It is necessary to transfer it to a cool environment to avoid the Shameplant leaf withering more and more seriously, so that it can gradually recover its vitality.

2. Pruning care for growing Shameplant

When we grow and care for Shameplant, the dry withering of Shameplant may be caused by the harm of diseases and insects. It is suggested to cut off the part of the dry withering of Shameplant leaves, which can not only prevent the mutual infection of diseases and insects, but also make other branches and leaves of Shameplant better absorb the nutrients in the soil.

3. Spray agent

If the harm of diseases and insects will affect the absorption of nutrients in the soil, then not only pruning, but also keeping the environment ventilated, and it is necessary to spray the corresponding pesticides of pests and diseases appropriately, so that the plant can grow well and gradually restore vitality.

4. Watering care for growing Shameplant

If the plant is not watered for a long time, the soil can't provide moisture in time, which is one of the reasons why the leaves are dry. At this time, it is necessary to water it appropriately and keep the soil moist. Do not make the soil moist, otherwise it will rot the roots.

Shameplant care

Shameplant care for leaves yellowing

When Shameplant leaves yellow to suit the remedy to the case according to the multiple reasons and the light is too strong to plant in half in the shade. Avoid direct light, and soil water keeps hydrated. Water once in the morning and high temperature season, often best keeping blade wet state, the temperature is too high will be moved to the plant ventilation breathable, hot weather often should strengthen ventilated. The following are details of Shameplant care for leaves yellowing.

1. Shading treatment

Shameplant like grow in sunny conditions, but when we grow and care for Shameplant, if for a long time put it in the sun insolates, underground can influence the formation of leaves that are green, yellow to happen, so Shameplant leaves become brown. The plant should be moved to half shade, shade needed when light season processing, don't place a long time.

2. Rehydrate

It is appropriate to grow in a wet substrate, so the root system will grow quickly. If the soil in the basin is too dry, the leaves will sag and even turn yellow. At this time, water should be added in time, and watering should be done thoroughly at one time.

3. Cooling treatment

When the temperature is higher than 30℃, the growth will be poor, and the leaves will become yellow and withered over a long period of time. It is best to move to an astigmatic place with good ventilation in the high temperature season to avoid high temperature burn, or spray water to the ground to keep wet and reduce the surrounding temperature.

4. Fertilizing care for growing Shameplant

The shameplants that like fertilizer grow faster in the substrate with sufficient nutrients and the branches and leaves are lush, otherwise the leaves will be yellow and sagging due to lack of nutrients. When we grow and care for Shameplant, thin compound fertilizer should be applied in time, and then topdressing should be done once every half a month, mainly with thin liquid fertilizer, and do not stick to the leaf surface after fertilization.

Shameplant care