How to propagate Prunus blireiana

Written by Maggie

Jan 19 2021

How to propagate Prunus blireiana

In the coming spring of March, you are sure to be amazed by Prunus Blireiana, which looks like a butterfly on the branches. Therefore, today we will present to you the propagation methods of Prunus Blireiana.

Prunus Blireiana

Cutting propagation method of Prunus Blireiana

Cutting is the most commonly used propagation method to cultivate plants, the operation is relatively simple, but the selection of branches have the requirements of a good time and favorable conditions.

Prunus blireiana is easy to take root in the middle and late October, the best time for cutting.

Geography, here especially refers to the cuttings of branches that need to be screened, branches need to take branches from the growth of robust peripheral branches, branches here easy to survive;

People and humans refer to inserting the cut plant parts into the sand, soil, or soaking in water. After taking root, pot plants can be removed. The newly cut prunus blireiana is just like a newly growing seedling.

Prunus Blireiana

Prunus Blireiana grafting propagation method

The buds or branches of Prunus blireiana need to be attached to the heel or stem (generally referred to as the rootstock) of another plant to make it grow into a complete plant. Grafting propagation of Prunus blireiana can be done in late autumn at the deciduous stage or early spring at the budding stage. Prunus Blireiana can be grafting propagated by scion or budding.

Scion grafting propagation

Rootstock can choose a peach or apricot that has been growing for a year, cut 5 cm above the ground, and cut the cross-section lengthways.

The ear can be used the Prunus Blireiana tree has grown 1 ~ 2 years without pests and diseases, the branch has at least 3 ~ 5 full buds, cut the lower end of the branch into a wedge shape, inserted into the incision of the stock, the stock and scion are closely aligned, and then tightly wrapped with a thin film.

Budding grafting propagation

Budding grafting propagation is suitable for the growing season of Prunus Blireiana. The rootstock can be selected and the seedlings that have been growing for 1 to 2 years can be cut into a "T" shape in the epidermis layer, and the cortex can be opened to both sides along the incision. The ear can be selected as the bud growing in the current year, and the bud can be cut transverse 1 ~ 2 mm above the bud and then cut longitudinally. The cut bud is inserted into the incision of the stock, and the cambium is tightly bonded and tightly wrapped with a thin film.

Prunus Blireiana