How to propagate Lilac

Written by Maggie

Mar 30 2021

How to propagate Lilac

Lilac flowers can be propagated through cuttings, sowing, layering, grafting, division and other methods. Flower friends who like Lilac flowers can read up on it. The following are five kinds of propagation methods of Lilac flowers to help you better propagate Lilac flowers.

propagation methods of Lilac

1. Cutting propagation method of Lilac

Lilac cutting propagation time can be carried out in summer every year. Cutting propagation of lilac can be used tender cuttings and hard branches cuttings. First of all, choose the year of the sturdy branches, cut into about 15cm long cuttings, inserted into the prepared seedbed, and appropriate shade, keep wet, 50 days or so rooting. If 500μg/g indolebutyric acid is used to treat cuttings quickly before insertion, the rooting rate of cuttings can reach more than 80%. Cuttage after survival, the next year spring transplantation. Hard cuttings need to be in autumn, open sand, the next spring into the seedbed.

2. Sowing propagation method of Lilac

Sowing propagation time of Lilac is generally carried out in spring. In addition. Before sowing propagation of Lilac in spring, soak in water for 1 ~ 2 days, or soak seeds in warm water at 40 ~ 50℃ for 1 ~ 2h. After pulling out, mix sand (1 seed, 2 sand) to promote germination, keep wet, and sow in the seedbed after 1 week or so (early April). After sowing propagation, cover the soil with LCM and keep it wet frequently. The seedlings will be unearthed in late April. After excavating, timely thinning, intertillage, weeding, watering and fertilizing should be done. The next spring can be divided into planting.

3. Layering propagation method of Lilac

Layering propagation methods of Lilac can be carried out in Spring each year. Firstly, the root branches of Lilac should be pressed into the soil. If the root branches are too thick, they can be cut and pressed again. Keep the soil moist after pressing, generally 2 ~ 3 months can take root, can isolate the mother plant in the autumn of the same year, and can be planted separately.

propagation methods of Lilac

4. Grafting propagation method of Lilac

Lilac grafting propagation can be divided into bud grafting or branch grafting. Bud grafting propagation of Lilac can be carried out in July is better. Grafting is good in early spring initiation forward behavior, grafting stock for privet, water wax, tassel, Lilac and so on. Liget rootstocks sprout easily and should be removed at any time, otherwise years later they will still be Light rather than Lilac.

5. Plant division propagation method of Lilac

Division propagation of Lilac plants is usually carried out before germination in early spring or after falling leaves in autumn. The buds of Lilac plants in the rhizosphere are exhumed with roots and planted separately, or the whole roots of Lilac plants are exhumed out and planted in separate bushes. Fake planting should be done in autumn and transplanted in the next spring. Prune the branches on the ground properly before planting.

propagation methods of Lilac