How to propagate Jimsonweed

Written by Maggie

Dec 22 2020

How to propagate Jimsonweed

Jimsonweed common propagation methods mainly include methods of seeding, cutting, layering, in time to sow. We will put the seeds in the warm water soak, and then were sown in the soil, poured into the water after moisturizing, using cutting branches to the lower end of disinfection, clean around the branches and leaves cut off, and then respectively inserted into the soil.


1. Seeds propagation of Jimsonweed

Sowing is the most popular method of propagation adopted by Jimsonweed. It mainly cleaned the selected seeds and dried them, soaked them in warm water for several hours, and then applied appropriate amounts of mature organic fertilizer in the soil to fully stir them, and then scattered the seeds in the soil respectively. The temperature was controlled above 15℃, and they germinated in about 2-3 weeks.

2.Cutting propagation method of Jimsonweed

Cutting method is a common method of how Jimsonweed propagated, mainly in winter and spring season. First of all the healthy lignified branches as cuttings, cut it into about 10 cm, the base of the branches and leaves to be cut off clean, directly inserted into the soil, every day after pouring water to keep the substrate moist, about 3 to 4 weeks germination.


3. Layering propagation method of Jimsonweed

The branches of the Jimsonweed will be close to the ground as materials, and it can be the top part of the lignification branches cut into rings, cutting off the upper epidermis part, directly inserted into the soil, covering the wound with film. After the above with a heavy piece, often keep the substrate wetting, long after the stock short branches.

4. Caring for propagating Jimsonweed

Since Jimsonweed is a poisonous plant, the juice contains a kind of alkaloid harmful to the human body. During layering or cutting, special attention should be paid to the eyes or skin, and gloves should be worn when pruning, so as to avoid poisoning phenomenon.