How to propagate Jade plant

Written by Maggie

Oct 18 2021

How to propagate Jade plant

Jade plant is a very beautiful succulent plant. Its leaves are green most of the time and turn to red when there is enough sunshine. Its roots are developed and its habits are strong and its ability to adapt to the environment is strong.

 Jade plant
Jade plant is one of the plants that can grow in water

How to propagate jade plant

The propagation method of Jade plant is mainly cutting, that is, cutting heads. Decapitation can be carried out all year round, the wound can be dried and cut in the slightly wet soil to wait for the roots .Jade plant propagation can be carried out during the growing season, often combined with pruning, branch insertion, leaf insertion.

Cut the strong and substantial top branches as cuttings. The length of cuttings is not strict, and let them dry for about 2 days. Leaf cuttings take healthy, mature, full, and insect-free fleshy leaves, and place them flat or oblique in the soil to make the base of the leaves fully in contact with the soil. They can take root and germinate in about 20 to 30 days. When these small buds grow a little larger, they can be removed and planted.

 Jade plant
Jade Plant - Most Common House Plant

Tips for cutting propagation of Jade plant

1. Select a substrate with good drainage. The appropriate EC value is 0.75 to 0.80, and the pH value is 5.6 to 5.9;

2. The soil temperature was maintained at 20°C to 23°C until the cuttings of Jade plant took root;

3. Cuttings can be sprayed fungicide to prevent the breeding and spread of germs;

4. Once the roots grow out, keep the soil moist, not too much water, strictly prohibit the soil wet. This will prevent Jade plant stem rot.

5. When sedum species are overwatered, it may lead to decomposition. After the roots grow out, apply nitrogen fertilizer of 75ppm to 100ppm, and gradually increase to 150ppm to 200ppm after the roots grow out.

6. After the cuttings have taken root, maintain a high level of light and proper air humidity, which can prevent the occurrence of plant growth. If the Jade plant is growing, plant type can be controlled by a plant growth regulator, and the specific application method and concentration can refer to the drug instructions. Plant type roundness should be achieved by plant growth and variety picking.

7. Transplantation can be performed after 3 to 4 weeks of cutting.

 Jade plant