How Often To Water Jade Plant?

Written by Ivy

Jan 11 2022

How Often To Water Jade Plant?
Jade plant is native to southern Africa. It is a succulent subshrub of Crassulaceae. It has peculiar leaf shape, tall and handsome plant type, ancient tree charm and elegant flower type. Jade plant likes a warm, dry and sunny external environment. It is resistant to shade but not cold. It is afraid of strong light and high temperature. It is very suitable for planting in subtropical areas. It is often used as jade plant potting in northern areas. However, many people do not carry out necessary management, which will cause wilting and death. Now let's briefly introduce how to water jade plants.

When Do You Water A Jade Plant?

When watering jade plant, we must ensure that the water quality is clean, and tap water cannot be directly used for irrigation. It must be kept for 2 ~ 3 days. In rainy weather, some rainwater can be stored for irrigation, which is conducive to the growth of jade plant. When watering jade plant in summer, we should avoid the high temperature period at noon and avoid damage to jade plant caused by excessive temperature difference. Watering jade plant in winter should be carried out in the high temperature period at noon to avoid freezing damage to jade plant.

How Much To Water Jade Plant?

Jade plant is drought resistant and likes wet soil environment, but it is not resistant to ponding. Artificial planting of jade plant requires necessary irrigation measures and drainage ditches to prevent ponding, root suffocation and root rot in rainy seasons.
Jade plant will enter the forced dormancy period in the high temperature season in summer and autumn. Watering is not required at this stage, unless it needs to supplement water under the condition of continuous high temperature and drought, serious soil moisture and plant wilting. If it is a potted jade plant, it should be watered once in case of cracks on the soil surface, and the water cannot be supplemented once a day to avoid rotten roots.
Jade plant has entered the vigorous growth period and needs a large amount of water. We can water it every 2-3 days to keep the soil dry and wet.
After the temperature drops, the plant gradually enters the dormancy period. You can reduce watering for jade plant until the soil surface is dry and then water a small amount.
Basically, we can water jade plant thoroughly at one time. Do not water well water in high temperature season. It is best to use warm water in low temperature season to avoid root damage caused by excessive temperature difference. Pay attention to the water quality. Do not use polluted water. Water the jade plant with tap water needs to stand for a few days.
How Often To Water Jade Plant

How To Water Jade Plant?

When the upper part of the soil of jade plant is dry, we can water jade plant thoroughly. There should be no ponding in the basin. Due to the high temperature in summer, jade plant will stop growing. We can spray the plant and its surroundings to keep the soil moist, and do not water too much. The root is hot and airtight, which is easy to rot; During the vigorous growth period in spring and autumn, water once every 2 ~ 3 days; In winter, we put jade plant indoors for caring. When the basin soil is dry, we can give it a small amount of water or water spray.

How Often To Water Jade Plant?

After propagating Jade Plant, watering is very important. During the growth period of jade plant, generally, the jade plant should be watered every two or three days. Before watering, observe the wetting condition of basin soil, and water it when it is dry to be permeable. The temperature is high in summer. Don't stick to the time. Determine the frequency of watering jade plant according to the soil conditions.


  • Summer Watering Frequency
We water jade plant in summer, which needs to be divided into two cases. When the ambient temperature is higher than 34 ℃, jade plant will enter the dormancy period. At this time, we can water jade plant every ten days. When the ambient temperature is lower than 34 ℃, we can water jade plant every other week to keep the soil moist.
  • Summer Watering Method
When watering, the principle of seeing dry and seeing wet shall be observed. When the soil is relatively dry, water shall be poured into the soil in time to wet all the soil. When the soil is relatively wet, water can be sprayed on jade plant blades to reduce the temperature of blades, but water shall not be poured into the soil to avoid ponding.
  • Water Source Selection
When watering jade plant in summer, we can use natural water or purified water rich in minerals to make jade plant absorb enough trace elements. We can also provide jade plant with unpolluted River and lake water to make jade plant grow better. We can also provide it with tap water. However, before watering, we need to leave the water for one day.
  • Regular Ventilation
When maintaining jade plant in summer, we also need to regularly ventilate the plant. Because the branches and leaves of jade plant are lush, the ventilation between the branches and leaves of jade plant is poor, and the growth environment of jade plant is relatively humid, which is easy to breed bacteria. If it is not ventilated regularly, it will lead to plant diseases and unable to grow normally.


  • Winter Watering Frequency
In winter, we don't need to water jade plant too much. At this time, its growth rate is limited and the available water is also limited. If it is watered too frequently, it is easy to cause waterlogging or freezing of jade plant. Generally, watering is only allowed when the soil of jade plant shows signs of whitening.
  • Water Quality and Temperature in Winter
When watering jade plant in winter, we should choose clean water, such as tap water or purified water. Because there are no impurities, it is more beneficial to the growth of jade plant. Control the water temperature before watering. We'd better put the water in the greenhouse for about an hour to make its temperature close to the temperature inside the basin soil, and then water it. This can prevent cold water from freezing the root of jade plant.
  • Winter Watering Method
We can put the water with adjusted water temperature into a kettle and pour it into the jade plant basin. It's best to pour water into the flower soil along the edge of the basin, so that the water can spread into the flower soil faster. When watering jade plant, we should control the amount of water. We should not only make the deep flower soil completely wet, but also prevent ponding in the soil.

What Happens If You Underwater Jade Plants?

In case of underground jade plants caused by drought and water shortage, we can water them in time and step by step. In case of underwater jade plants caused by strong light exposure, it can be shielded from sunlight and moved to a cool and astigmatic place. In case of underwater jade plants caused by too much water and rotten roots, pay attention to water control, loosen the soil properly and trim the rotten roots in time. If the underwater jade plants are caused by low temperature, we can move the plants to a warm place to increase the temperature.

What Happens If Jade Plants Are Overwatered?

The rotten roots of jade plants are caused by excessive watering and ponding of basin soil. Long time ponding will affect the root respiration of jade plants, which makes it unable to absorb nutrients normally and makes the roots of jade plants rot. In addition, too high soil wettability of jade plants will also lead to its decay. If jade plants are over watered, we need to remove the rotten roots and dry them, then spray some water on the ground, put jade plants on the ground, wait for its roots to recover, and then change the soil and maintain again.