Jade Plant Benefits - What You Should Know About Jade Plant

Written by Ivy

Jan 10 2022

Jade Plant Benefits - What You Should Know About Jade Plant
Jade plant has many benefits, such as common air purification functions, ornamental functions, medicinal functions, etc. Jade plant is native to southern Africa. The leaves and stems of jade plant are fleshy. The stems are thick and easy to Lignify. The leaf surface is relatively smooth and the leaves are oval. Jade plant blooms pink or white. Jade plant likes sunshine. It likes a warm and dry environment. It is resistant to semi shade and cannot be exposed to the sun. It is not cold resistant. It is best to overwinter above 10 degrees in winter. The soil shall be loose with good air permeability and drainage.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Jade plant is a common leaf potted wood. Its leaves are green and shiny, dense and juicy, as soft as jade, and are favored by many friends. Jade plant has high decorative value. Jade plant has a good life, which is conducive to home Feng Shui, increases blessing and longevity, means wealth and safety. It can not only absorb formaldehyde harmful gas, but also dust impurities, so that jade plant has a good life, It is conducive to family Feng Shui, increases happiness and longevity, and has the significance of floating safety. Jade plant can not only absorb formaldehyde harmful gas, but also absorb dust impurities, which is good for human body.
Jade Plant Benefits

Absorb CO2 at Night

Because jade plant has many leaves, it can absorb more carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis. It can purify the air. Some green plants, especially jade plant, are placed at home. Although they can't compare with the air purifier, they always play a certain role.
Jade plant is a kind of potted plant that can purify indoor air. Usually, the new house has just been decorated. We can put it in the new home together with other green plants related to air purification, which may have the effect of absorbing harmful substances and gases.

Ornamental Value

Jade plant is evergreen all year round and has high viewing value. Usually, we can put it on the balcony, on the tea table and on the TV cabinet. If we want to watch it as a beautiful bonsai, we must pay attention to pruning. Jade plant grows faster. If we don't pay attention to pruning, it may make it disorderly.
Jade plant belongs to evergreen shrub plants, which grow relatively fast, so you can choose to propagate Jade plant at home. It is evergreen all year round and belongs to foliage plants. Moreover, jade plant can trim branches to make bonsai, which may be used to decorate the home. It has high ornamental value.

Medicinal Value 

Jade plant's leaves can be used as medicine and have certain medicinal effects. It contains some pharmaceutical components that can be absorbed by the human body and can not eliminate parasites in the human body. Clinically, it can be used for the treatment of human parasitic diseases. It can play a particularly obvious role in expelling insects, and can also let people experience parasites and reduce the pain quickly.
Relieving pain and itching is also the most important medicinal effect of jade plant, because some medicinal ingredients contained in jade plant can eliminate fungi and sensitive bacteria on the surface of human skin after contacting human skin, and can significantly reduce the pain of human skin. Especially when people have blood disease on the surface of skin, timely apply an appropriate amount of jade plant juice to reduce the symptoms.
The leaves of jade plant can be used as medicine, but it also has certain toxicity. It is mainly used for external use. It is a commonly used medicine for the treatment of human skin tinea in clinic. During the treatment, fresh jade plant leaves can be mashed, taken out and applied directly to the affected area, or the dried jade plant leaves can be decocted with water and cleaned, After medication, the symptoms can be significantly reduced.

Feng Shui Effect

Jade plant is very easy to feed and has strong vitality. Jade plant has the beautiful meaning of "good luck" in Feng Shui. Moreover, the branches and leaves of jade plant grow very luxuriantly, which means that jade plant has vigorous life and vitality
Jade plant has full leaves. Because of this, it also has the meaning of auspiciousness and wealth. Among the people, the auspicious meaning of jade plant is even more popular. Because it is not easy to blossom, if you can see it bloom, it means that good luck will come.